Action Plan for Candidates to Run for Elected Office

Real People USA learned a lot about candidate campaign ups and downs.

These are our recommendations and how Real People USA can support America First candidates running for local, state, congressional and governor positions.

Although it may appear to outsiders running for office is a great challenge, the process to effectively run for office is not that complicated. But, there are items to be aware of, which I list:

  1. Be careful of consultants whose goal is to take 60-70% of campaign donations in return for very little outreach efforts to voters.

  2. Give great thought before signing up to join a PAC (political action committee). My research and experience reveal that PACs do not always care about voters' best interests. Remember PAC stands political action committee with "political" as the operative word. Many PACs have deep pocket donors with political ambitions differing from the concerns of local, district, or state voters.

  3. Most candidates are told to focus on raising donor money when, in fact, candidates need votes more than donor money. Successful candidates win elections with votes, not by generating millions of dollars in donations.

  4. Most voters do not care that much about big name endorsements, especially if candidates do not have a good voter outreach strategy.

To effectively campaign for elected office, Real People USA recommends the following:

  1. Candidates must treat their campaigns like a brand new business.

  2. Do not expect much campaign support from local, state and national leadership.

  3. Announce your campaign early. A lot of time is needed to get your name out to the public.

  4. Identify and retain an election attorney just in case election issues arise.

  5. Design your platform strategy by communicating your vision so Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness will prevail for Americans. Real People USA can help with this design.

  6. Focus on making lots of true contacts with people, key people and business owners you know and people, key people and business owners you do not know.

  7. Know your numbers. Know how many voters you need to win. Get total voter registration numbers from your state.

  8. Maintain a contact database so you can update potential voters about your campaign (supporter numbers, podcast episodes, virtual webinars, live appearances, etc).

  9. Grow your contact database to know what your low estimate vote count will be on Election Day.

  10. Do not be afraid to verbally or, in writing, challenge your opponent's position on substantive issues which negatively impact your community, your district, your state or the country. Now is not the time to be passive about important items. Always stand up for yourself and your constituents.

  11. Pick your battles carefully. There will be times when your opponent only needs your input to save his or her campaign.

The above bullet points are the top items Real People USA recommends to candidates to effectively manage and win elections.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, CEO

Real People USA

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