Americans Must Assume if a GOP Member of Congress Voted to Impeach Donald Trump, He or She is a RINO

I truly did not want to write this article nor do a podcast episode on this topic of R.I.N.O.'s, or Republican In Name Only politicians.

The R.I.N.O topic keeps popping up in many conversations with Republican voters and Republican candidates across the United States. Even a former Democrat Congressperson referred to a Republican, who voted to impeach President Trump, as a R.I.N.O.

Please click HERE to read an article by We Love Trump which identifies 35 Republicans who voted to investigate Trump's involvement in the January 2021 so-called insurrection. Now, we are now hearing an entirely different story about who was involved and what actually happened. But I digress.

My research shows that the acronym R.I.N.O. emerged when Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt took over and Republicans, out of power, began to agree with most Democrat economic policies. The acronym R.I.N.O. was equal to the moniker "me too". Me too, again meaning Republicans were anxious to go along with Democrat economic policies.

At the end of the 21st century, R.I.N.O. began having some strong implications as China was granted Most Favored Nation Status in 1993, signed by President Bill and Clinton and pushed by, the none other, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi. Click HERE to read the 1993 article.

In my opinion, it was probably a little after 1993 when Republicans began losing their conservative pedigree and looking at opportunities for personal financial gain by cuddling closer to China.

The Most Favored Nation Status should be called, today, Most Favored Access Status.

Voters are asking why would a Republican Member of Congress vote to harm the most successful President in American history? Voters are scratching their heads thinking why would a Republican Member of Congress support legislation to harm the United States of America?

About thirty years ago, it would have been so strange to ask why even a Democrat Member of Congress support legislation to harm our country! China must have a pretty huge bank account to get a red-blooded American to sell out his or her own country. Amazing!

Trump's "Make America Great Again", in my opinion, threatened China's push to attach its tentacles to American wealth and super power status. As a country, 11,600 miles away, the best way for China to beat their greatest enemy, the United States of America, is to have insiders, or R.I.N.O.'s doing the dirty work.

Moving forward, it's time to get these R.I.N.O.'s out of office. And these R.I.N.O.'s and Paid In Full Democrats, occupy governorships, the Senate, the House of Representatives, school boards, city councils, mayor offices, and multiple government agencies.

There are also major corporations that have decided their ability to generate profits by using Chinese labor is more important than the interests of American citizens.

As a voter, I am going to ask candidates I'm considering if they side with President Donald Trump. If the answer is yes and my research validates their answer, they will get my vote. The only downside is politicians LIE.

Many newly elected and reelected GOP Members of Congress said prior to November 3, 2020 they supported Donald Trump. But after they won their elections, with Trump endorsements, they became turncoats. Some readers and podcast listeners might use the noun, traitors.

So, I guess the best advice I have for American voters is to examine your candidates under a "truth" microscope. Give candidates a lie detector test...if they will submit to one. I think Donald Trump knows who the R.I.N.O.'s are.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Rick, Founder

Real People USA

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