Are Hollywood People Really That Progressive? Or Did They All Sign Pacts With Hollywood Devils?

Just imagine for a moment. You leave Sioux City, Iowa for Los Angeles looking to get into the movie industry.

Maybe you have a degree in Film and Entertainment. You have performed on stage in local plays and maybe appeared in some commercials. Whatever people do...I don't really know. I'm just painting a picture of men and women leaving their places of birth to 'make it big' as a movie star.

When I worked in corporate America in Los Angeles, I used to have lunch and dinner in Burbank, West Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica after meeting with clients. The restaurant workers came from just about every city in the United States and some from other countries to get their big break into the movie industry.

I used to ask restaurant workers with East Coast, Midwest and Southern accents what brought them to Los Angeles. Some would say being accepted at UCLA or USC and many would say they were looking to get roles, big or small, in movies.

Some of the people looking to work in Hollywood were in their early 20's and some were older, in their 30's. It didn't matter to them about their ages. Working in Hollywood was the goal and they were determined to get their big break.

Here's what funny. I typically dressed in a suit and tie when working in Los Angeles. Every so often, people would think I had a connection within the movie industry. People in the restaurants and bars would tell me they had great scripts and they were trying to meet with a big director like Martin Scorsese.

I have to admit these people were aggressive in trying to get their foot in the door in the movie industry. And I applaud their efforts to pursue lifelong dreams and ambitions.

My next thoughts about people after they get access to working in Hollywood are all conjecture and theory. I have very little evidence about what I think happens to people once they become actors and musicians and make it big.

I know one person who had access to the Playboy Mansion owned by Hugh Hefner. She used to tell me that young Hollywood wannabes, mainly women, had to attend parties to network with Hollywood bigwigs. My friend, whom I have known since 2004, told me that women, of all ages, and on the young end of scale, were in and out of the Playboy Mansion like a revolving door.

And these women were not at the Playboy Mansion for Bible study.

My friend became best friends with a well-known Hollywood actress whose life did not end well at the sunset period of her career. A common ending for former Hollywood female stars is drug addiction, multiple marriages, abortions, and major mental health issues.

Just imagine that, at 42 years old, the veteran women actresses are no longer starring in big name movies because a 20-something woman is now what's happening! Suppose these women have been in film and entertainment since the age of they no longer have star-appeal...nor look good in bootie shorts like the 20-something woman.

Even though my friend did not work directly in the Hollywood movie industry, she has some mental scars from living the life in the Hollywood social sets.

But my thoughts are how do these people become so progressive in their views after a number of years working in Hollywood and are these progressive viewpoints authentic or, artificial, just to get along with and get paid by movie industry employers?

My opinion is these viewpoints Hollywood actors and big name musicians have begin as artificial. The Hollywood movie producers want the actors to be against Republicans or Trump or actors are told to speak against mainstream America views.

When you think about it, how hard can it be for the Hollywood Industrial Complex to say to an actor: "Joe, I want you to do a commercial or post something on Facebook or Twitter about how you support alternative lifestyles". If Joe says no, Joe never makes another movie again. If Joe says yes, Joe stars in another box office hit and makes $5M plus royalties.

Joe's willingness to acquiesce to his Hollywood employer's demand to promote progressive ideas would be no different than a medical doctor working as an employee at a big medical center telling his or her patients that getting a Covid-19 vaccine is the right thing to do.

Joe, bowing to his employer's demand, would be no different than a Republican Member of Congress accepting Chinese money to support an economic policy contrary and harmful to the American economy and our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

And what if there is even a darker side to Hollywood actors being held hostage by their Hollywood employers? What if the Hollywood Industrial Complex tells actors that "they must promote progressive ideologies, or else"!

Or else what?

Maybe Hollywood actors had to do something...something against their personal moral codes to get the starring role in the movie.

Hollywood has a big megaphone, millions of television cameras and backdoor access to liberal news organizations. Anything is possible.

What other explanation is plausible for red-blooded Americans looking for honest work in the movie and film industry to suddenly turn their backs on their country?

Do you agree or disagree?

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Rick, Founder

Real People USA

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