Attractive or Handsome Men Candidates Should Not Automatically Qualify as GOP Congress Candidates

Now is not the time to let our need for eye-candy be the basis of selecting GOP members of Congress.

For many elections, and for decades, Americans have chosen attractive women and handsome men to represent us in Washington D.C. Then, after these men and women take their oaths of office, they act like as if they forgot why the American people elected them.

The man with Brylcreem perfect hair, shiny teeth and chiseled made-for-Hollywood face or the woman with the Bell-Biv-Devoe, big butt and a smile look should no longer represent Americans as members of Congress...if and only if these physical attributes are the only things they are bringing to the positions.

Now, if they have a Five Point, Real People USA message...and they have star appeal, then these men's and women's candidacies might be very powerful. But it is rare to find a candidate who has a strong message and looks good in front of the cameras.

I do not want to name names of GOP members of Congress who look great, but bring absolutely nothing to the table in terms of standing for the U.S. Constitution and fighting for our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

In this upcoming Congressional and future elections, the GOP needs fighters who do not have hangups about their looks. Why is this so true now?

Unlike past elections and strong economic conditions where voters had to chose between Jack and Joe, two fairly equal candidates, today's falling economic conditions and the Democrat Party push towards socialism and communism put more, if not all the responsibility on the voters.

In the past, good years before Barack Obama, if you picked Jack or Joe, it really didn't matter too much. Whether Joe or Jack won, regardless if Joe or Jack were Republicans or Democrats, Americans' quality of life was good. People had job stability, business owners were making money, kids graduated from high school and some went to college, Americans still took vacations to see the world, cops were very respected and Americans were not that focused on election fraud...although it probably was happening.

Now, everything has changed. Barack Obama has fundamentally changed America...for the worse.

Your candidate running for office may not be the glitz and glamour candidate you would have voted for years ago. Now, the best candidate may be the man or woman with an imperfect smile. He or she may not come from wealth, riding the coattails of a family member with years in politics.

There are several candidates running for Congress in the 2022 fitting the profile of the common man or woman. One candidate in particular is Rubin Young, a Republican, Florida D-23 candidate running for a congressional House seat in Broward, Miami-Dade. Rubin is running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a person not too popular in District 23 and most of South Florida.

Rubin describes himself as a frog wearing a hat. Rubin does not consider himself a Denzel Washington look-a-like. Rubin is the kind of candidate voters may not initially say "he is my guy". Like I mentioned earlier, voters have been conditioned to look for the George Clooney, Kate Blanchette, Lucy Liu or the Sana'a Latham types.

Those days are gone, hopefully, when voters select their candidates based on their physical attributes. Many of today's GOP princes and princesses are failing the Republican Party, miserably. Many have been totally embarrassing and downright inept in fighting for the American people.

Rubin Young is doing something most GOP candidates have not. For voters who may be unaware, there are two ways of getting on the ballot to run for Congress. The first way is to pay $10,400 and, like magic, you are a candidate.

The second way is to collect about 1,200 signature petitions from people in your state if you do not have $10,400 laying around.

Rubin chose the petition method to get on the ballot and worked hard to get about 1,300 petitions signed. Now, here is where it gets interesting. As of August 6, 2021, the state of Florida increased the number of signed petitions to around 2,568.

It is not a piece of cake to talk to people about signing your petition to become qualified to run for Congress. There is some psychological stuff going on that people like Rubin had to deal with, such as:

  1. Talking to strangers is not everyone's strength, but Rubin did it anyway

  2. Some people lie on petitions by providing incorrect information which disqualifies the petitions. Rubin occasionally had to get back out in front of people to get additional petition signatures to make up for the bad ones.

  3. South Florida is very diverse but African Americans are not a majority ethnicity, but Rubin did it anyway.

One interesting story about getting petitions is Rubin's session with a South Florida Jewish Republican Club.

Rubin was invited to speak and did not know the Republican club members were Jewish. Long story short, after Rubin delivered his Five Point congressional candidate platform, he received a standing ovation from a group of about 200 attendees. And collected 49 petition signatures and a few donation dollars.

Rubin has had the same success with most Cuban American Republican political organizations in Miami-Dade County.

The point is effort is Rubin's "trump card", pun intended. Rubin has shown that he can outwork just about any candidate.

Rubin has proven he is the people's candidate. However, like I mentioned earlier, with the state of Florida increased petition requirement, Rubin has chosen to raise the $10,440 through donations of $50 and $100, and any donation which helps Rubin get to the $10,440 amount.

Finally, the responsibility to restore America to her greatness is not wholly dependent upon which Republican's name is on the ballot.

Moving forward to November 2022, voters must decide if they want the same poor performance from Democrat politicians who have tried to destroy portions of America's economic engine, history and culture. Or, voters must decide to rid our nation of communist-leaning politicians whose un-American decision-making can only lead to further pain, misery and destruction.

Please click HERE to visit Rubin Young's website to donate.

Rick Nappier, Founder

Real People USA

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