Blacks Bitching About What Was Done 400 Years Ago Should Ask Why They Wasted the Last Four Years

White progressive critical race theory promoters are doing it again.

Democrats are conducting the same psychological warfare on blacks as they did around the time of the Emancipation Proclamation signing.

What is it about black people that Democrats just cannot let go? Why do Democrats feel they need to control people...especially black people? Do today's Democrats feel a sense of self-worth by mentally enslaving black people and making them feel their value as Americans is less than any other group?

Democrats are using the 1917 communist theories created by Karl Marx and Frederick Engel, the two men who tricked the Russian people into following and voting for the Bolshevik Party (which is similar to today's Bernie Sander's Democrat Socialist Party).

The Bolsheviks, after they gained power in 1917, enslaved people from Germany and 13 other countries from 1922 to 1987 years. It wasn't until President Ronald Reagan's famous "Tear Down These Walls" speech on June 12, 1987 at the Berlin Wall (Brandenburg Gate) when communism fell in Eastern Europe that finally freed billions of people of Slavic origin.

I suspect President Donald Trump's success in improving the U.S. economy and the path President Trump was on to free black people's minds (like President Reagan did for Eastern Europeans) was too powerful for Democrats to allow to happen. So, they committed election fraud during the November 2020 election to install Biden in the White House by any means necessary with the help of several traitor Republican governors, members of Congress and a sitting Vice President.

As a black male born in the 1960's, black people, starting in the 1970's, were succeeding massively and made significant progress. America saw blacks across all industries become very successful.

But Democrats did not want to see blacks finally be mentally free. Democrats started a political movement to discourage blacks by telling them they are second class citizens and the white man is taking opportunities from blacks and police officers are out to kill blacks.

Democrats used communist tactics to divide Americans by race, class, and gender. Imagine telling black people that white people (which ones?) are racists in 2021!

The "racism" tactic kind of tickles me because a large number of black people have white ancestry as close as one generation back. Even my great great grandfather, on my mother's side of the family, was German

Also, on my mother's side family, my grandmother was born from my great great grandfather of German descent who had a daughter from a slave, my great grandmother. My great grandmother had three daughters from a Cuban guy in Tampa, one was my grandmother, Juanita.

For today's black person, who may come from a variety of world ethnicities, it's amazing that black people even fall for this critical race theory crap.

I always ask blacks who use the 400 years speech: what have you done in the last four years to improve things for yourself or the community? I always get the 'deer in the headlights' look when I ask this question.

Another thing I find amazing are black people, who claim what happened 400 years ago during the slavery era, are not doing anything to succeed now. The "400 years ago" claim is the biggest copout of all time.

I have black sons whom I had with a black woman who grew up in the hood in South Central Los Angeles. I grew up in the hood in East Tampa. My mother and father were drug addicts and my wife's parents had fifth grade educations in rural Georgia.

How can a black man and a black woman who grew up in crime and poverty neighborhoods produce three sons who earned college degrees and one who is an aircraft mechanic? One son works at Apple.

How did my wife and I end the cycle of poverty we experienced to have three very productive and well educated sons? And, my wife is finishing a career in the high tech industry and I worked as Fortune 500 sales manager in Los Angeles where I was one of two blacks in a sales & marketing department with 85 employees.

How could this happen if racism, as Democrat communist politicians so proclaim, is so prevalent in the United States of America? And my wife's and my stories are not uncommon. I have siblings and cousins across the country who are doing well. And their children are doing well.

The Democrat politician "racism is alive and well" rhetoric does not hold up as truth.

The good news is that a number of America-loving people of all races are pushing back on progressive school boards, city councils, mayors and governors who, again, find it necessary to keep black people mentally trapped on psychological plantations.

Real People USA has plans to help Americans exercise their constitutional right to speak freely about the harmful impacts of communism which impede living in an environment of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Real People USA saw this communist trend coming for the last ten years, and is ready to help "Keep America Great".

I believe Donald Trump is the greatest President of my lifetime. Up until Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan held the G.O.A.T. position.

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Rick, Founder

Real People USA

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