Candidates Should Adopt Kari Lake Post Election Fix Actions, But Take Actions Before Election Day

Real People USA interviewed and spoke with 42 America First candidates from governor to county commissioner. Many candidates lost due to the same voting irregularities Kari Lake is dealing with in Arizona.

Real People's campaign recommendations to candidates include meeting with voters in meaningful ways and establishing a pledged voter database to preclude major election issues voters experienced in California, Pennsylvania, Houston, Florida congressional races, and Arizona.

Arizona Governor candidate Kari Lake is taking the right actions to resurrect her hopes to pull out a win in a tainted Arizona election. I do not need to list reasons why I believe Kari Lake should be the Arizona Governor today.

Post election, Kari Lake is doing exactly what candidates should do; actions that should be performed long before Election Day. I believe she has a chance to pull out a victory.

Kari Lake is using her strong media and communication skills to invite people to give testimonials about their Election Day woes. Katie Hobbs and Arizona state government cannot dismiss thousands of people claiming their votes never counted or votes sidetracked to the mysterious Box 3.

Arizona voters should not be fooled to believe their votes counted for Kari Lake since their ballots appear "voted" on the Maricopa County.

Verifying online ballots received by Maricopa County election officials and voters marking "Kari Lake" should not be interpreted as votes for Kari Lake. Most voters will unfortunately back away from rigged election claims when they see "ballot received". A deep data dive is necessary to see if voters' selections were accurately cast for Kari Lake, or not.

Kari Lake is doing the right thing by getting Arizonans who voted for her to affirm their votes by signing up on a website. Real People USA believes Kari Lake and other Republican candidates have legal leverage to challenge Arizona election results using pledge voter databases.

Real People USA believes building a database of pledged voters is just one winning strategy to minimize Democrat election shenanigans.

The theme song for this article comes from Hall & Oates, "Bigger Than the Both of Us" because freedom is bigger for millions of Americans than a handful of corrupt Democrat politicians.

Future America First candidates must take proactive measures to defend their campaigns from corrupt Democrat election schemes. Yes, America First candidates must work harder to win, but America is worth saving and protecting.

Real People USA has campaign designs to maximize candidate and voter election interactions to minimize Election Day mishaps.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, CEO

Real People USA LLC

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