Colleges Failed Students With Teaching Statistics in Virtual Environment

I just finished tutoring Statistics with four California college students. All four passed their courses with an average 88% course grade. Unfortunately, other students had an average 68% course grade.

From what I can tell, all college professors lowered grading standards to pass most students with a C grade.

This fake Covid-19 hoax has significantly disrupted students' learning, especially in science and math related courses.

Professors and university presidents must really not care about college students' educational development to succumb to political pressure and put their students' majors in jeopardy.

At least the students I tutored will move to their next courses with strong Statistics backgrounds. Statistics is a very applicable course college graduates can use over their lifetimes.

For the college year 2021, I plan on elevating Statistics learning material to insert my business colleagues into the tutoring industry. The motto: "find a need and fill it".

College students anywhere in North America, including Canada and Mexico, will access to our learning material in 2021.

Please click HERE to visit our Statistics tutor website.

Thank you for reading this article.

Rick, Founder

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