Conspiracy Theory: Big Dark Money in Politics Is Used to Payoff Election Officials

Here in California, about eight years ago, I began looking at politics and the activities associated with candidates campaigning, legislation promotion and election fraud. Then, about two years ago, I noticed peculiar situations in politics across the U.S.

As conspiracy theories go, the three above activities are moving closer to facts.

Here in California, pro-constitution Californians could always count on RINO, placeholder candidate John Cox, an Illinois native who legally can vote in California, to surprisingly defeat a strong California Republican candidate.

Here is the link where RINO John Cox defeated Trump-like Travis Allen.

Here is the second link where John Cox served his purpose in blocking a real Republican, Travis Allen, from running against Gavin Newsom.

This John Cox situation was the first of many races where I saw how fake Republicans block real Republicans from competing in general elections against troubled Democrats opponents and/or incumbents.

I wonder what is the fake Republican or PAC fee, paid by campaign donations, to run for office with the implicit purpose of the fake Republican losing in the general election to a Democrat?

Just looking at the August 23 Primary in Florida, the results communicate that big money is involved in keeping real Republicans out of office. In my view, voters in South Florida, Tampa and Orlando have diminished power in determining election wins and losses.

In Florida, there were several Congressional races in which the Republican winners did little to no campaigning, but raised millions of dollars in donations.

The real Republican outcome losses were statistically the same. The real Republicans got the fewest votes. The more Trump-like the Republican candidate, the fewer votes the Republican received.

The hardworking, much popular Republican candidates, labelling themselves as pro-Donald Trump, America First candidates, received the fewest votes in districts numbering 800,000 voters. In contrast, low-effort Candidates with little to no community recognition surprisingly defeated.

I believe voters are resoundingly voting in opposition of Democrat policies and not voting for weak Republicans, but I believe voting results are being altered behind the scenes.

Coincidentally, many of the low-effort Republican candidates raised sizeable sums of campaign donations.

The question is: where did the campaign money go?

The campaign donations, over $1M, clearly did not go to television/radio ads, mass marketing or door-knockers. Many of the low-effort Republican candidates did not qualify for to run by petition by paying people to get signatures.

So, where did these mostly, out-of-state, donated campaign dollars go?

Recently, national news reported by a well-known, international billionaire donated a million dollars to defeat Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. It's highly likely other nefarious individuals will donate millions of dollars to leftist Democrat Charlie Crist in an attempt to defeat Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But, where will this dark campaign money actually go?

I'm intentionally labelling "dark money" as campaign donations used to subvert the U.S. Constitution and Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to replaced by Chinese Communist Party like socialism and Cuba-like government as is rising under Canada's Justin Trudeau.

If I were a leftist with hundreds of millions dollars to spend to overthrow American free elections and capitalism, knowing there is no way in hell the American people would vote for socialism nor communism, I would bypass spending the money on television ads and mass media. I would find a way to pay people who count the vote

I would simply pay election officials, staff with eyeballs and hands on ballots, voting machine technicians and those responsible for reporting the final results.

As I heard and saw first hand in the South Florida August 23 primary, it's pretty easy for elected officials to take advantage of election challenges, regardless if challenges or unexpected or premeditated.

A quote from Let's Go Brandon:

"Biden, meanwhile, is quoted as saying: "The struggle’s no longer just who gets to vote. It’s about who gets to count the vote."

Real People USA identified the scheme to select fake Republicans going back to 2021 to, at a minimum, win the primary election and lose in the general election. Here are several situations where real Republican candidates can tell if a plot exists to minimize their efforts:

  1. Local GOP groups promote the fake Republican over the real Republican.

  2. Local media embrace the fake Republican and shun the real Republican.

  3. Local GOP "leadership" make quiet overtures for the real Republican to quit the race.

  4. The fake Republican receives significant donations from out-of-state donors which can be verified at the Federal Election Commission website.

  5. The fake Republican does little to no campaigning. John Cox did one campaign video in San Francisco

John Cox campaign video in North San Francisco

Now, contrast John Cox's video with Travis Allen's interview on LA's KTLA. Travis Allen speaks about what most Californians stand for in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other regions.

Real People USA has solutions to fight back against extraneous, foreign, anti-American forces looking to overthrow our way of life.

If I were Governor DeSantis and other real Republicans across the country, I would take actions to identify and minimize/eliminate dark money threats.

Stay free!

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