Democrats Have Republicans Distracted...Democrats Really to Want to Hurt Our Income and Lifestyles

Democrats are definitely better than Republicans at the art of political misdirection.

The top Republican political items are: guns, God and morality.

And Democrats have Republicans whipped up in a frenzy about abolishing the 2nd Amendment, removing God from our society, damaging children's education with CRT, altering traditional family values with transgenderism, creating obstacles to energy independence, falsely elevating green-energy benefits and raising hell over defeating Roe v Wade.

Most, if not all Republican energies are focused on fighting for gun rights, advocating for school choice, defeating government-mandated mRNA injections, and stopping transgender education. And Republicans have achieved great victories in exposing harmful effects of the mRNA injections, overturning Roe v Wade and moving the political needle toward morality.

The challenge Republicans have had since Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America" 25 years ago is Republicans have no offensive strategy. The Republican effort has a full defensive posture. The lack of an offense has weakened Republican voter turnout and election interest.

Democrat politicians have discovered they can rent space in Republican leadership heads by keeping Republicans playing defense.

It's my opinion through observations that Democrats really want to cripple American business growth and minimize private sector worker incomes.

The Covid hoax definitely showed how little Democrats care about small business owners and Americans' ability to earn a living to participate in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Covid mandates have shutdown restaurants, decreased the number of airline pilots, created nursing shortages, paid employees not to work, lowered the dollar's value, increased inflation, and disrupted supply chains.

All of the above situations have lowered America's productivity, a lowered productivity which translates into less business revenues and employee incomes.

Corporations' woke policies have infected the capitalism model. Capitalism has been hijacked by corporate leaders now with equal or greater power than socialist politicians.

Some Republican voters even feel Republican political leadership is working against the U.S. Constitution and the founding of our great country.

Americans are beginning to push back by pulling consumer support for companies complicit in inflicting pain, misery and destruction among American citizens. We cannot live in a country where the privileged with political access can only live free.

President Donald J. Trump had our country moving in the right direction at a rapid pace. We need him back as President as soon as possible.

But, until then, local citizens, both change of heart Democrats and Republicans, need to do more to restore our constitutional Republic. Local citizens need to remove all elected officials not interested in Americans' Life, Liberty of Pursuit of Happiness.

Never give up. America is all we have.

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Rick Nappier

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