Every GOP Congressional Candidate Should Know The Expected Voter Numbers on Election Day

There's no reason why GOP Congressional candidates should need to rely on polls to feel if they will win on Election Day.

No reason at all. What is the feeling thing anyway?

Every week, month and quarter, candidates should have fairly approximate numbers of the people who will vote for them.

Real People USA has a validation system candidates can use to get accurate voter number approximations.

Voter validated numbers should exponentially increase every week, month and quarter up to Election Day.

GOP candidates must stop or deter Democrats from cheating in every election. The GOP has probably been defrauded out of hundreds of elections by the Democrat Party in the last 20 years.

Democrats cheat because they, first, have nothing offer the American people, and secondly, GOP candidates have always accepted the losing outcome. It's time for GOP candidates to stop being "statesmen", fight like hell during elections and come up with intelligent solutions to win elections.

The GOP message has always been stronger than the Democrat message. And, the November 2020 election proved Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" message was more powerful than Biden/Harris weak message.

President Donald Trump was the first presidential candidate who refused to accept the fraudulent vote counts in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

In past elections, if the crooked cable news network announced a Democrat as the election winner, GOP candidates typically accepted their defeat because they had no way to validate their numbers of voter supporters.

How many elections have GOP candidates lost to Democrat cheating and data manipulation by software identified in the November 2020 election?

What if Democrats victories over GOP candidates can be proved inaccurate?

What if 800,000 voters are up for grabs in a District and the GOP candidate has a system that has validated 525,000 voters, but Democrats claim they won with 475,000 voters?

That's a 200,000 vote discrepancy! Someone is lying about their voter counts!

With the Real People USA voting validation system, the GOP candidate can authenticate 525,000 voters. What proof can the Democrat candidate show? The Democrat will show fake, printed ballots as proof.

Currently, GOP candidates spend way too much money on radio, television and billboards ads and waste time on social media. Radio, television and billboard ads and social media have a place for campaigning, but GOP candidates need to do more and do better in connecting with voters to make connections really count.

If you are a GOP Congressional candidate and need a voter validation/approximation system and a plan for victory, please email me at or call me at (786) 697-3800.

Rick Nappier, Founder

Real People USA

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