Get a Political Insurance Policy in the Free States in Arizona and Florida; Prepare for Office Runs

Updated: Jun 16

Everyone knows what an insurance policy is.

An insurance policy transfers risk from the person to another entity...usually to an insurance company. People around the world purchase insurance, paying pennies on the dollar to protect much larger value assets, properties and lives.

Real People USA is urging Americans, in a sense, to get insurance policies to maintain current and install new Patriots in elected offices in Arizona and Florida, or any state where freedom is not at risk.

In states like California, Washington, Oregon and many on the East Coast, Americans' freedoms are at risk. Unless something dramatically changes, especially with eliminating election fraud, states like Florida, Arizona and other southern destinations will be states Americans will relocate.

Isn't a wise to make sure there is a free state to go if your current state is engulfed with socialist or communist policies?

But, be aware! There are some elected officials in Arizona and Florida that cannot be trusted and need to be removed from office through the recall process and replaced by candidates who put Americans' life, liberty and pursuit of happiness first.

Please do not delay the recall process if there are Arizona and Florida elected politicians supporting socialism or communism. Get these people out of office as soon as possible.

What could be motivations for American local, state and congressional politicians to betray their own citizens? I do not have all the complete answers to the question, yet. But America has little time to waste trying to figure out why candidates and elected officials are not interested in keeping America first.

Real People USA is building a list of candidates who believe in our U.S. Constitution and want to keep America free. Many Americans are ready to step up to the plate to protect their freedoms they see quickly eroding away.

Please subscribe to Real People USA updates as we begin helping great elected officials serve no more than two terms and identify honest candidates to run for office.

Please identify yourself if you want to run for political office from local levels like school board, city council, state legislature to positions in Congress. Candidates need to start early to get recognized by potential voters.

Lots of work needs to be done to prepare people to run for office. It's no surprise in 2022 that local, state and national Republican organizations did not perform well to support candidates' campaigns effectively.

So far, my website identifies a growing list of candidates who truly believe in keeping America free. Please donate to these candidates so we can begin reinstating our rights given to us by God and written in our U.S. Constitution.

Thank you for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, CEO

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