Get ready to meet Heather via podcasts, live & virtual townhall meetings, and private communications

Heather Vernillo, the owner/operator of Vernillo Health & Wellness and a Family Nurse Practitioner in Palm Harbor FL, is running for Pinellas County Florida District 4 Commissioner. The incumbent is Republican and career politician, Dave Eggers.

Heather's plan to win this District 4 Commissioner seat is to:

  1. Work smart,

  2. Work hard,

  3. Use a strategic plan and,

  4. Communicate often.

Heather has created multiple platforms for North Pinellas County residents to hear where stands on the issues. These platform items originate from Heather's view as an eleven-year resident of Palm Harbor, FL which observations have caused a great deal of frustration and anxiety for many North Pinellas County residents.

Heather has multiple methods to offer to the public to hear how she feels about critical issues in District 4. These methods include:

  • Weekly podcast episodes heard on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and other platforms

  • Live and virtual townhall meetings with concerned residents

  • Weekly and breaking campaign news emails

  • Private communication networks (similar to Facebook)

  • Radio interviews

  • B2B sessions with local business owners

Heather feels career politicians, after years and years of public service, take advantage of voters. Summing up how Heather feels about career politicians, she feels public servants should:

get in, get out, and work under policies they created.

Then, public servants will be less reluctant to put their self-interests first.

Pinellas County voters can subscribe to Heather's updates by entering their contact information on her website. Also, concerned citizens can email Heather at or leave a message on her campaign phone at (727) 476-3100.

Heather has never run away from a challenge and this campaign to unseat Dave Eggers will not be the first time.

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The Heather Vernillo Campaign

Approved by Heather Vernillo, Republican, For Pinellas County Commission

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