Heather Vernillo is the Right Candidate to Replace Career Politician, Dave Eggers

Heather is the right choice to replace Republican Dave Eggers, a career politician.

I connected with Heather back in September 2021, but it wasn’t until February 2022 when I reached out to Heather about helping with her Pinellas County Commission District 4 campaign.

The first question I asked Heather is: “why are running for the County Commission?”

Most candidates always reply with familiar Republican talking points about supporting the second amendment, lower taxes, etc. And Heather is strong on the America First platform and supports Donald Trump.

Heather stunned me with her response. Heather admitted what millions of Americans now see as the true meaning of being American: Freedom.

Heather said and I quote: “It felt like all these years that I have taken my freedoms for granted.” Heather continued and I paraphrase: “the Covid lockdowns, business restrictions and assaults on personal freedoms awakened her.”

Heather is exhibiting the new definition of being woke which is waking up to politicians who disregard the U.S. Constitution and Americans’ Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

Heather is a Palm Harbor small business owner who operates a health and wellness center. As a Nurse Practitioner and a professor at St. Pete College, she believes career politicians like Dave Eggers violated Pinellas County residents’ trust by voting to shutdown county small businesses and imposing unconstitutional restrictions.

Dave’s actions should sound the alarm to all Pinellas County residents regardless of political affiliation. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and other members of other political parties saw their constitutional rights violated.

Dave Eggers broke the Republican politician code.

Dave “canceled” small business owners by voting Yes to shut down Pinellas County. Small business is the largest Republican Party voting constituent. Dave’s vote negatively impacted all small businesses from mobile DJ’s to bakeries to independent artists to professional athletes.

Last year, I was on a flight from San Francisco to Atlanta and met a training camp NFL player. He was frustrated that his income was severely cut back because of the lockdowns which put his entry into the NFL in jeopardy.

Why was it so easy for Republican politicians like Dave Eggers to vote to implement Covid 19 restrictions? As a Republican, Dave Eggers should be the first person to stand for the Constitution and Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness…but he was not. Dave joined the Democrat ranks to go along with the CDC, Tony Fauci and Pinellas County Health officials who, we know now, used incorrect or compromised data.

Across the United States during the covid situation, career politicians shut down about 33% of small businesses which are closed for good.

Dave Eggers found it easy to violate Pinellas County residents’ Constitutional rights because he is a career politician who puts his own self-interests over the people he is supposed to serve.

Dave Eggers did not miss a single paycheck of an annual $104,000 salary plus other benefits, while small business owners lost business revenues. Career politicians like Dave Eggers is trying to piece together public retirement pensions at the expense of running roughshod over Pinellas County residents’ personal freedoms.

This is why Heather is a strong, two-term in public office advocate. If Dave Eggers knew he would have to participate and live in an economy he created over his two-terms, Dave would not leave office with the local economy in a fragile condition.

Dave would consider how he would be able to feed his family and plan his financial future as he nears retirement. Although Dave Eggers would survive with his connections in commercial and residential real estate, he would think about how gym, hair and nail salon, restaurant, and dance studio business owners would succeed due to his decision making.

Here in California, public servants have grossly abused their powers in destroying California, a once beautiful state.

Here’s a clip from a San Francisco hair salon owner where Democrat Nancy Pelosi abused her power by breaking the lockdown rules to get her hair done while other businesses were forced to shut down.

Here’s a Real People USA interview with Los Angeles restaurant owner, Angela Marsden, Pineapple Hill Grill and Saloon, who fell victim to LA mayor Eric Garcetti’s draconian lockdown measures. Ms. Marsden was in tears when she was not able to provide curbside service while a Hollywood production crew had an outside, tent-covered banquet in a parking lot just a few dozen yards from Pineapple Hill. Note: Real People USA had the longest, most in-depth Pineapple Hill interview, longer than the CNN interview.

Heather believes a public servant should leave a community in the same condition or better after leaving a political office than before entering political office. Undeniably, Pinellas County is not in a better position today than when Dave Eggers took office.

Dave Eggers claims he is for a two-year, term limit. Whether he is being truthful or not is up for debate. Dave Eggers has made a career out of public service, working in various local positions before and during owning a real estate company.

The challenge is a majority of county commission members must be vote Yes. Therefore, Dave can stay a member as long as Dave is reelected.

Pinellas County voters can answer the question themselves if they believe Dave Eggers should continue working as public servant to max out on a public servant retirement by any means necessary, even it means Pinellas County residents come dead last.

If Dave Eggers is passionate about Pinellas County Commission members serving only two-terms, then Dave should not run in November 2022.

Americans across the U.S. have identified this trend of public servants opting for the money and putting special interest groups before citizens.

Heather has committed to serving only two-terms if elected to a second term. As your County Commission member, Heather wants to continue to live in the Pinellas County community in a better position than it was before she took office.

The era of the career politician must end. Elected leaders should not make public service a career opportunity. The temptation is too great. Pinellas County residents’ freedoms must come first.

Vote Vernillo for Pinellas County Commission in November 2022.

Heather needs a few more ballot petitions by May 7. Supporters can download ballot petitions and donate from her website.

Rick Nappier

Real People USA LLC

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