Heather Vernillo Says: Don't Let Pinellas County Florida Become Like San Francisco and Los Angeles

Updated: Apr 10

California used to be like Pinellas County is today.

As your next Pinellas County Commission member, if elected, I will push back on legislation which degrades our beautiful area to how America sees California is today.

This video discusses how California, a once beautiful place, now has decayed to an unlivable state.

Poor public servant leadership pulls American cities down to a city like San Francisco.

According to a member of my consulting team born and raised in Tampa Bay area who lives near San Francisco, in the late 1980's, early 1990s, San Francisco was voted the most beautiful city in the world.

Here's a tongue-in-cheek article why San Francisco is the "best" city in the world. According to my California-based consultant, people are not particularly impressed with the San Francisco lifestyle and features mentioned in the article..

California governance, at the lowest level, is the source of California's downfall.

Have you heard of the phrase, "politics is local"?

It's 100% true that local politicians can either keep communities safe or are indirectly complicit in a community's demise.

How do cities become so dysfunctional and dangerous to local residents?

Below are just a few reasons.

Questionable non-profit funding. Government mismanagement or poor handling of public funds is what fuels local problems. In California, there are allegations of shady non-profits whose original, charitable intent resulted in nothing close to the original purposes.

Pinellas County residents should be concerned with the misuse of public funds. Public servants who are guilty of public funding, criminal activity should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Failure to enforce laws on the book. Local law enforcement's main job is to serve and protect the public. Across the country, and especially in California, the justice system is often compromised and allows hardened criminals to receive no-bail and minimum sentencing.

Non-committed public servants. Career politicians morph into catering to corporations and big money, special interest groups. No Pinellas County politician should put his or her own interests above Pinellas County residents. Politicians should not become wealthy like Democrat Nancy Pelosi or Republican Mitch McConnell.

Government creating social problems, then funding legislation to solve social problems. This is probably the biggest scheme of all. In California, Democrats enact tax and spend legislation which ultimately harm small business owners and put heavy financial burdens on taxpayers.

The fentanyl explosion that hit San Francisco sparked a sharp increase in taxes for local health services to fund addiction programs.

The article ends with the need for more taxpayer funded programs:

"He believes that more resources need to be put into curtailing the demand for drugs by treating addiction and dealing with the root causes behind overdose risk, including incarceration, unstable housing, economic stagnation and class-based despair."

The taxes never end and they steadily grow.

This article traces fentanyl's origins. You can connect the dots for yourself.

Pinellas County must insist that local officials do their jobs or Pinellas County will become a California city in a matter of no time.

Heather Vernillo

Rick, Tampa Native, California Resident

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