Heather Vernillo Will Not Vote to Transform Pinellas County Florida into a California...Here's Why

By now every Republican has heard about California Republican House of Representatives Member Kevin McCarthy's conversation with Republican Liz Cheney.

Heather Vernillo sees what is heading for Pinellas County, Florida. Public elected officials must not serve more than two terms. Otherwise, Republicans have the potential to become a Kevin McCarthy.

Dave Eggers has held many local public offices in addition to having a foothold in the Tampa Bay real estate industry. Career politicians like Dave Eggers must not move toward getting wealthy as a public official.

Elected public officials are more likely to vote to keep their areas free of excessive taxation and government control if, after two terms, they will live under their own policies.

Heather wants to protect Pinellas County residents' Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness from public servants who put financial gain over the people.

California Governor candidate, Daniel Mercuri, gave Heather Vernillo permission to use this video.

Americans across the country are connecting the dots that extensive terms in public office are huge temptations for politicians to put the people last.

Here's a KTKZ AM1380, Phil Cowan interview with California Governor Daniel Mercuri. Phil is now retired, but he mentioned my name at the beginning of the interview.

Heather needs signed ballot petitions by May 7 to be on the November 2022 ballot. Plus, any donation will help. Please go to Heather's website to download a petition and/or donate.

Please help Heather help Pinellas County.

Rick, Real People USA

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