Hey, GOP Candidates: Be Like Trump...Pick Platform Items Appealing to Both Republicans and Democrats

Happy Independence Day weekend!

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After four years of Donald Trump as President, it is obvious to me that Republican candidates were not paying much attention to how he won.

Trump won by putting Americans' concerns and needs first.

When I say Americans, I mean all Americans, both Democrats and Republicans. At the end of the day, Democrats and Republicans are more alike than they are different.

Republican candidates are not seeing how Trump won. And, fortunately, the opportunity only exists in the Republican Party to bring the Trump strategy to all Americans.

Trump wanted all Americans to win! Democrats do not want the American people to win. Democrats want Americans to live in pain and misery and destruction. Democrats prey on Americans' instability and if instability does not exist, Democrats will create that instability.

Trump was on the path to solidify Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Happiness in the minds and lives of Americans until Democrats cheated in 2020 election.

Hopefully, the proof of election fraud now appearing in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and California will turn things around in the very near future!

Back to why Republicans should emulate efforts Trump executed in order to win future local, state and national elections.

Now, I hope Republican candidates have some tough skin for this tough love I need to communicate.

Republican candidates need to put their personal thoughts and emotions and beliefs on the shelf and think about American people's needs. This is what Trump did.

Trump could have focused mostly on gun control.

Trump could have focused mostly on pro-life.

Trump could have focused mostly on free speech.

Trump could have focused mostly on the increasing debt and spending crises.

Trump did include all the above traditionally conservative issues in his campaign, but he put these specific conservative issues in subcategories and wrapped them all around his "Keep America Great Again" theme.

The theme was strategic because it INCLUDED all Americans. Then, Trump tactically executed "Make America Great Again" in advertisements and, definitely, during his live rallies.

Some Republicans also speak about issues where only a fraction of voters care about.

Let's look at the Second Amendment as an example. I care about Americans keeping their freedom to own guns. I understand and believe the original intent of gun ownership which is to fight back against tyrannical governments.

Unfortunately, magnifying the Second Amendment as a winning political strategy is not appealing to perhaps 50% or more of Americans although they indirectly benefit from the Second Amendment.

Let's go to a deeper campaign issue.

Magnifying pro-life as a top campaign issue is not a winner. Here is where it gets tough for Republican candidates and voters.

Yes or no: if everything was going wrong in America, but there were no abortions in America, would Americans have a good life? If there were no abortions, but people had no jobs, kids were not receiving a good education, communities were in economic shambles, and our election system was worst than it was in 2020, would Americans consider their lives better?

The answer is no. The inability to earn a living at a job or through your business, our kids not receiving a quality education, our cities and towns in economic collapse, and having a dictatorship like in China are WAY WORSE.

Here's another Republican voter challenge I see a lot.

There are a percentage of Republican voters who do not fully embrace the free enterprise system. In other words, some Republican voters and many Democrat voters frown on Republican candidates and sitting members of Congress speaking about capitalism.

Readers and podcast episode listeners: capitalism is the key element of our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. This is why countries like China are thriving because of Americans ability to purchase products, goods and services.

Without capitalism, America would have fallen to Venezuelan-socialist or Cuban-communist forms of government long time ago.

In closing, Donald Trump masterfully communicated how he cares about all Americans and proved it with his economic policies to bring jobs back to American soil. Local, state and national Republicans can also win by putting Americans needs and concerns, first.

Real People USA has the messaging strategy to give Republican candidates the boost they need to campaign more effectively. And, do not worry. Democrats can not duplicate the Real People USA messaging strategy.

Rick, Founder

Real People USA

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