History Is In the Making in South Florida: Three Black Republicans Running in 3 of the 5 Districts

Maybe God chose this time to put three people together to run in such as time as this.

There are three black Republican Congressional candidates running in Districts 20, 23 and 24 where history will have already been made just by these individuals running for South Florida political office at the same time.

There are five House of Representatives congressional districts from Palm Beach to Miami-Dade Counties: 20, 21, 23, 24 and 27.

Three is a powerful number!


The number 3 is the only number equal to the sum of the previous numbers.

2+1 = 3

The number 3 is also the only number whose sum with those below is equal to the product of itself and those below.

3 + 2 +1 = 3 x 2 x 1

Three is like a number that encompasses everything in its world!!

Fundamental elements are broken down into 3

  • Life has three parts; birth, life and death.

  • A story has three parts; beginning middle and end.

  • And something as basic as a line has three parts (beginning, middle and end)


The most, basic polygon (shapes made of lines) is the triangle. And all other polygons are made of triangles. The triangle is like the source of all polygons!

The triangle is said to be the most stable shape. It’s also the only polygon that can have all of its points at equal distance to one another. In other words, 3 points can be arranged graphically so that they are all in equal distance to one another. That can’t happen with any other number.


Until relatively recently, we knew the world as having 3 dimensions: width, height and depth.

Our society loves the proclaim when an ethnicity group does something for the first time.

Events such as:

  1. The first Hispanic son or daughter to go to college in all the family.

  2. The first black person to go to Harvard and study aeronautical engineering even though thousands of blacks have aeronautical engineering degrees from other colleges.

  3. The first Icelandic person to sing Michael Jackson's song, "Beat It"...not just in Iceland but Reykjavík, Iceland. Now that's special.

  4. How about the first person from Guam from a family of 17 kids to buy a home in Malibu, California.

Some readers and podcast listeners may say, Rick, are you trying to position the three black Republicans running for Congress in South Florida at the same time as one of these "first to happen" events?

My answer is absolutely not!

The true impact of three black South Florida Republicans running for office at the same time goes much deeper than color lines or political affiliation. The historical nature of three black Republicans running in South Florida may shift the political winds in the U.S.

For Lavern Spicer, Lateresa Jones, and Rubin Young, their potential impacts will come, if and only if, residents in Districts 20, 23 and 24 want to maintain the status quo since 2020 or, return to economic stability and growth seen under President Donald J. Trump.

By the way, all three black Republican South Florida candidates are hardcore Trump supporters.

Now, here is where it gets interesting for black Democrat voters and white Republican voters.

Black Democrat voters

Anecdotal evidence suggests that black Democrat voters are in a state of shock regarding how Democrat politicians (at national, state and local levels) are now treating black people.

In 2020, black voters were praised and used as pawns by Democrat politicians when cities were set on fire.

Democrat politicians egged on black people to protest against longstanding, historical monuments throughout America.

And as we speak, black musicians, actors and athletes, at the urging of Democrat politicians, are pushing black people to take mRNA injections (it's not a vaccine).

Democrats have made it worse (if that were even possible) for black children to be educated in the classroom. K-12 black students lost one full year in school because of the lockdowns. And most black children in urban areas like Miami, Baltimore, Atlanta, Cleveland, Oakland, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee, already had low academic achievement scores.

To make matters even worse, for one full year and a few months, black kids were forced to engage school via Zoom.

Talk about political betrayal. To black musicians and performing artists big surprise, they lost hundreds of millions, maybe billions of dollars in concert revenues. Losing all that money is not Donald Trump's fault. Democrat governors and mayors shut down these cities and venues.

Black Democrat voters are now in a quandary...a major state of uncertainty. In the military, we use the acronym, S.N.A.F.U., when things consistently go wrong.

Should Black Democrats continue to vote for Democrats who are certain to bring more pain, misery and destruction in black people's lives?

What is the likelihood that Democrats will now, all of sudden, embrace capitalism, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when, as it appears, Democrats love communism more than capitalism?

Democrats appear to be all-in when it comes to grabbing Chinese-, North Korean- or Cuban-like power. Democrats wanted this power all along and they decided to execute the power move in 2020 because President Donald J. Trump was becoming too likeable to the American voter, and especially, black people.

Now that I'm thinking about it...when was the last time you heard Democrat politicians mention the word "capitalism" in a positive way?

Black voters in South Florida have an important decision to make. Either vote for Spicer, Jones and Young to get their lives back in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, or continue to sip the Guyana Jim Jones juice to further see declines in their lifestyles and loss of the little remaining freedoms blacks have.

White Republican voters

Motivating white Republicans voters is not as difficult as motivating black Democrat voters to support Spicer, Jones and Young. However, there is some soul-searching that must happen.

I'm using the adjective "white" with Republican voters to signify that there are other ethnic groups who also vote Republican, albeit their numbers as not as large. Indians, Filipinos and Latinos do have a good percentage of their populations who vote Republican. "White" can also be Eastern Europeans and Jews. Russian voters, based on what I hear, overwhelmingly vote Republican because of their Christian faith.

Anecdotally, I believe white Republican voters would gladly donate and vote for Spicer, Jones and Young. White Republicans have the most to lose in terms of tradition, culture and wealth.

Many white Republicans are small business owners. They are CPAs, restaurant owners, dentists, attorneys, financial advisors, plastic surgeons, real estate agents, real estate investors, independent musicians, independent actors, hair stylists, plumbers, tattoo artists, auto mechanic and auto body shop owners, etc. Small business owners have the most to lose if Democrats are allowed to continue their communist-like ways.

White Republicans have been on defensive since Obama administration.

It's the Democrat politicians who assaulted white people's character by accusing them of having "white privilege" to make them feel guilty of their success. Democrat politicians infuriated southern whites by tearing down the Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee monuments. Most black people did not care about these monuments one way or the other.

It's white Republican voters who had their sports weekends ruined by woke professional athletes, beginning with Colin Kaepernick who "took a knee" during the U.S. National Anthem at NFL games based on the "hands up, don't shoot" lie created during the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson Missouri. A St. Louis grand jury...people from Ferguson...and the Obama Department of Justice found the police officer "not guilty".

By the way, I saw Kaepernick play his last college game at the University Nevada-Reno against my son's college team, Boise State University. Kaepernick went to a predominantly white college in Reno, Nevada and spent most of his youth living in predominantly white and Assyrian, Turlock, California.

I wonder, after Colin spending most of his life with white people, when was he "awoken"? And, embracing "wokeness" definitely did not happen in less than 1% black populated, San Francisco.

Last week, I was listening to a speech or a call-to-action by a West Coast Congressional candidate and she was pleading with a mostly white voting base to support her. She seemed a little frustrated about the turnout and her campaign efforts. I believe white Republican voters are in shock, too, about the election fraud in November 2020.

I believe for the first time ever that white Republican voters are mostly excited about the 10-15% of black voters now embracing the Republican platform.

Just look at California communities like Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, previously Democrat strongholds. In the November 2020, 55% of Beverly Hills residents voted for Donald Trump. Santa Monica has regular, anti LA County mask mandates. And Venice Beach now embraces Los Angeles County Sheriff patrols where, before, Venice Beach residents shunned law enforcement.

How fast views and ideologies changed when Los Angeles area voters "pulled back the curtain" to see the Democrat politician plot.

If white Republican voters had to make a decision to either stay home and not vote for black Republican Congressional candidates...and lose everything they have to Democrat, communist policies...or vote for black Republican candidates, keep their stuff and make America great again, I believe white Republican voters will vote for black Republican candidates.

Blacks who are now voting Republican have had an awakening especially if they are 50 years old and over. The Lyndon B. Johnson, Great Society experiment to help black people did not work. Black people in urban cities are, now, in worse economic condition than before the Johnson's Great Society.

Just look at the black flight from the Los Angeles city limits to Southern California desert communities of Lancaster, Moreno Valley and Hesperia. The same black flight has happened in the San Francisco Bay Area, the most capitalist region in the world. Blacks are fleeing the San Francisco Bay Area for Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto.

Many black people are leaving California to return to states like Florida and Texas because economic parity is better in many southern states than in California. Parity is defined as equality. Why are blacks leaving California which is supposedly "liberal and progressive utopias" and moving to supposedly "racist" states like Texas, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida?

The reasons why blacks are not keeping up financially is because the younger generations have fallen behind in education achievement and lack a sense of purpose. In order to maintain economic parity in the 21st century, people need to have skills in technology, science or business sectors.

Larry Elder, gubernatorial candidate in the Gavin Newsom recall, says it best: "hard work always pays get out of life what you put in it".

Johnson's Great Society, welfare plan stripped black people, especially black men, of their dignity. I created this saying about one week ago: "It's tough for people to make changes to their lives UNTIL things in their lives begin to change."

What about white people fleeing cities with progressive policies? The numbers of people leaving New York City for southern states like Florida and Georgia are astronomical!

The bottom line is progressive, communist policies do not work. These Marxist policies were purposely implemented to convert the United States of America into a China or Cuba where people give up their rights, assets and freedoms.

Older black people are starting to see how 40-50 years were wasted on believing Democrat politicians. Younger black people are starting to see their older parents struggle after believing in the Great Society myth.

A South Florida candidate told me that "she is running for office to reverse the America is going backwards under Democrats".

The only unknown variable regarding these black Republican Congressional candidates is their ability to win. This now known, unknown variable is Democrat election fraud or, simply said, cheating.

The good news is Real People USA has a plan to help these black Republican Congressional candidates defend their campaigns against cheating.

Please click HERE to visit the GOP Candidate link on this website to donate and subscribe to candidates' newsletters.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, Founder

Real People USA

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