How Many California Morons Will Take Their Masks Off on June 15 Simply Because The Governor Said So

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I'm not concerned about the Californians who will keep wearing masks past the expiration of Governor Newsom's edict to keep wearing silly masks until June 15, 2021.

The greater question is the mindset of the people who will remove their masks on June 15 because Governor Newsom said it will now be safe. Dr. Gavin Newsom, lol!

For the record, the only time I wore a mask is during forced mask compliance when I traveled to the East Coast on four roundtrip flights during the scamdemic or govdemic as I often refer to the covid scare unleased by Tony Fauci, as revealed in the email dump over the last two weeks.

Studying and graduating with an Economics Degree from a San Francisco Bay Area university, I recall the study of economics having three components. Everyone assumes economics deals with numbers, graphs, and financial data. But surprisingly, I found out that economics covers psychological and emotional areas.

And, honestly, I admit there is a new and fourth economic component: political.

In the online article Waking Times, the author writes this sentence, "The key to maintaining sovereignty of your own mind is in being aware of just how real this impact is."

Sadly, the Gates-Obama-Fauci experiment worked on a sizeable number of people, showing how easily people's minds can be manipulated.

It is always sad that a number of people nearing 50% never took the time to research anything about covid-19 origins. These people never knew that planning for the covid scare was planned as far back as 2012 according to news articles about Gates, Fauci, Obama and actual trips to the Chinese Communist Party Wuhan lab.

What I saw during the beginning of the covid scare were crisis actors at hospitals appearing as covid patients and empty hospitals, like the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens NY, the day after the leftwing media had hundreds of cameras showing people entering hospitals on stretchers, reporting these people were suffering from covid.

The biggest lie spread by the media was a filming of a patient on a respirator, but the patient was actually a mannequin. The insider filming the hoax showed a black female nurse tending to a supposedly covid-stricken patient. But the closeup show the patient with rubber mouth and webbed hands.

Here in California, state and county public health officials bombarded Californians with questionable daily covid positive test cases. Sad and solemn California public health officials would talk about daily spikes hitting 5,000, 50,000...and as much as 200,000 cases in one day! The 200,000 cases, as one would expect, happened close to the November 3, 2020 election day.

Personally, I believe these positive test cases were pencil-whipped. Meaning, the California state and county public health officials fabricated daily numbers. "Fabricated" is another way of saying these public health officials lied.

Clearly, the covid hoax had other objectives which were to severely harm small business owners and damage Donald Trump's reelection chances. When I use the word "hoax", it is meant as my interpretation of a possible virus from the Chinese Communist Party that was probably just as harmful or harmless as the influenza about 50,000 Americans, on average, die from every year...and a virus millions of American quickly return to good health afterwards.

I had the flu and walking pneumonia back-to-back in December 2016 over a two week period with the same symptoms as the CDC (what another player in the hoax!) identified for covid.

The best news I find very delightful was President Donald Trump (legally, still the President) beat all of his adversaries: big tech, mainstream media, the hollywood industrial complex (HICs), "the squad", and Rino Republicans. With all the power and money these leftists had, the night of the election, lefties had to cheat to put Xiden in the White House.

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