I Guess I Need to Work Hard Just Like I Did in Corporate America. I Accept The Mission.

Well, I have had enough of it...on many fronts.

What do I mean?

Small business owners are having problems due to long-term sales growth deficiencies. Then, add the government harming small businesses with unconstitutional regulations and you get great difficulty.

Second, there are Republican candidates running for office who have never promoted themselves in a public relations setting. Combine the inherent difficulties of running for Congress or a state political office with massive Democrat Party cheating and readers and podcast listeners can see the mess here.

I would have pages and pages to write to complete this article, so I decided to let the podcast episode provide the subject content.

Fixing both small business owner and Republican candidate challenges require all parties to manage expectations.

Managing expectations is a consolidated concept and skill I acquired and developed in college, in the military, working in corporate America and overcoming my own small business failures.

Time is passing and I can no longer wait for others to find solutions to keep important American areas functioning.

Come back in a few days to hear the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, Founder

Real People USA

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