It's Likely Democrat Operatives, Posing as GOPers, Are Running Against GOP Congressional Candidates

I would not have believed it myself unless I saw how some GOP candidates are really Democrat operatives posing as Republican candidates. Unfortunately, I see these Democrat operatives in multiple races across the country. I am seeing it in California, Arizona, Missouri, New York City, Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.

And spotting these fakers is getting easier and easier.

I mean Democrat operatives pretending to be solid Republican candidates are everywhere.

What are the main reasons, I believe, Democrat operatives pose as Republicans candidates?

  1. The Democrat platform is a total loser, especially now with Democrats acting as borderline communists. Democrat operatives sneak in the Republican Party to thwart good Republican candidates from winning. Unlike Democrat politicians 20 years ago, the average American is suffering under today's Democrat policies.

  2. Many Democrat incumbents pay Democrat operatives to pose as Republicans in primary elections. If the Democrat operative beats the Republican in the primary, the Democrat operative miraculously stops campaigning or some negative press report is released to convince Republican voters not to vote.

  3. I don't have any solid proof on this next allegation but I believe some Democrat election officials rig the final primary election votes in favor of the Democrat operative. My proof is not 100% solid, but I have heard stories of vote switching or last minute shenanigans to give the Democrat operative the win. Does this alleged rigging of the vote mean 1 Democrat vote equals 0.6 Republican vote on Election Day?

One of the ways you can possibly spot a Democrat operative posing as a Republican candidate is the operative will get a lot of donor money from out of state. If the true Republican candidate starts with $5,000 in donations in 30 days, the Democrat operative posing as a Republican candidate will probably have $500,000 in donations, mainly from out of state donors.

There is nothing illegal about getting out of state donations, but if I were a voter, and I looked online (you can do that) and saw a Republican primary candidate with $500,000 in donations, from out of state, within the first 60 days, I would be very suspicious.

The good news about Democrat operatives posing as Republican candidates is large amounts of donations do not equate to the Democrat operative being the best Republican candidate.

Another way you can tell a Democrat operative is posing as a Republican is he or she will not take the race seriously. The campaign events will be like fashion shows, galas or like an evening on the Red Carpet in Hollywood. There will not be a coherent Republican message on stage. The speakers will be in awe of each other's attire and makeup. There will be lots of pictures taken to be uploaded to social media.

The last way you can tell a phony Republican candidate is the community is unfamiliar with the Democrat operative posing as a Republican candidate. During a hotel event, the 100-200 attendees will cheer and applaud the Democrat operative like he or she is like Madonna or John Legend. But outside the hotel event, in the community, no one knows the candidate.

Why is this? It's because the Democrat operative posing as a Republican candidate is shallow. He or she really does not want to be known by the common man or woman in the community.

The Democrat operative may be put on the spot to discuss a top issue hurting the community and probably will not know how to respond. The Democrat operative cannot face scrutiny, pushback, resistance, or handle objections to basic Republican ideas because the Democrat operative never believed in the Republican platform in the first place.

Unlike the Democrat operative posing as a Republican candidate, the true Republican candidate does not hide from the public. The man or woman Republican candidate is growing their popularity in the community the right way. He or she is attending public events, getting ballot petitions signed by strangers, shaking hands and making friends, promoting their websites, etc.

The true Republican candidate also has strong knowledge of the Democrat policies hurting America. The true Republican speaks with heart and conviction. He or she needs no prep time to discuss an important issue.

The true Republican candidate is not a sellout like the Democrat operative posing as a Republican candidate.

Finally, if the true Republican is faithfully working his or her campaign on a daily basis, the public-at-large will be able to differentiate between the true Republican candidate and the Democrat operative posing as a Republican candidate.

Occasionally, you may see some supporters of the Democrat operative posing as a Republican candidate leave the campaign. The supporters will begin to shift to the true Republican candidate. People do talk when they feel betrayed or misled by Democrat operatives posing as Republican candidates.

I hope this blog article and podcast episode will help voters discern between what is a true Republican and a Democrat operative posing as a Republican candidate.

All the best,

Rick Nappier, Founder

Real People USA

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