Mondays are Male Toxicity Day on the Real People USA Podcast

Male Toxicity Monday features topics and guests who SPECIFICALLY want to discuss pro- male topics such as business startups, physical fitness, gun ownership, military history, conservative political topics, fatherhood, and any other subject promoting male masculinity in a time when soy-boy propaganda is pushed by the media and socialist politicians.

Today's male-toxicity topic is physical fitness and working out. Click HERE to listen to the podcast episode version.

There's an article at Men's Journal listing the top 15 exercises for men. I really like this article because the focus is on lifting heavy weights.

Another great article at Ace Fitness lists the many hormones created from working out. This topic is important to men because men's overall well-being and mental health originate from being physically fit.

From personal experience, during the shutdowns, I lost my weightlifting capacity by 40%. It took almost four months to return to benching up to 275 pounds, starting at 205 (3 sets @ 10 reps), finishing at 275 (2 sets @ 6 reps). I believe the socialist government officials pushing the pandemic hoax knew men's health would be negatively affected.

Looking back in history, men have always participated in activities to keep their bodies strong, their minds alert and their overall psyche optimistic.

I hope men reading this article and listening to the podcast episode never forget the damage done by these socialist politicians pushing a fake health crisis to lower men's ability to stay focused and remain strong.

If you want to be a guest on the Real People USA podcast on Male Toxicity Monday, please send me an email with the topic you want to discuss with questions you want me to ask you.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick, Real People USA

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