Now May Be the Last Time for Our Community to Pick The Lifestyles We Want

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Black Republican candidates need to ask an important question of their voting constituents.

Since the late 1960's and, currently now, our community's standard of living has been trending downward where other ethnicities have seen good to great improvements.

For readers, the Miami Herald penned an opinion-editorial article announcing, and I paraphrase, that "hope is on the way" through an organization, South Florida Black Prosperity Alliance, Inc. Please click HERE to read more about the tri-county non-profit. The organization, with a Sunrise, FL address, became active with the state of Florida on July 20, 2020.

Whether the organization has helped uplift the 1.2M black residents of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties is unknown.

Black residents have seen organization after organization start in South Florida with promises to make things better for the last 50 years. Only a few organizations have had the staying power to make a true difference.

Why do community organizations have hit-and-miss success in South Florida communities?

There are two reasons.

  1. Organizations have limitations. Sometimes community needs are too large for one organization to provide adequate relief.

  2. True change must come from within the community.

Historically, South Florida black communities have been impacted with funding and grant monies being diverted from people needing the help. Funding missing the mark has partly been due to mismanagement and bureaucratic red tape.

In the short- and long-term, our communities will experience continued challenges to rise up until we tackle and solve the following three barriers to improvement:

  1. K-12 education - increase South Florida youth graduation rates and test scores.

  2. Economic development - our communities need more small business ownership.

  3. Personal accountability - this has always been the "800lb elephant in the room". It's time for our communities to take on this accountability issues.

Many may look at the Republican Party and have some objections and disagreements with thoughts and memories going back 20-30 years ago. To today's black Republican supporters of all ethnicities, the R also means REAL, RECOVERY, RESULTS and RESILIENT.

South Florida is at a crossroads with many good and not-so-good policies in the planning stages.

Isn't it time for our communities to take charge of our own destiny...a destiny where, finally, the outcomes are in our favor?

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, Founder

Real People USA

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