Pinellas County Florida Proposed Tenants Bill of Rights Measure-Scheduled for August 2, 2022

Updated: Jun 28

Click HERE to read the June 22 article titled "Pinellas County prepares to pass Tenants Bill of Rights as Rental Costs Soar"

My contribution to the topic, as a Tampa Bay native living in California, is several articles for Pinellas County voters to read and learn about the California rental environment.

Looking into the future, California economics and politics are coming to Pinellas County. The writing is on the wall UNLESS local residents voice their concerns and opposition. I believe the California playbook to spread socialism to conservative communities has been distributed to Democrat-controlled municipal elected officials.

The Pinellas County Commission should delay passing the Tenants Bill of Rights measure for the following reasons:

  1. The housing market has softened due to a quick rise in mortgage interest rates (from 3.0% in 2021 to 6.0% now).

  2. The return to a real estate buyer's market should lessen the demand for rental properties, assuming no existing rental units shortages exist.

For Pinellas County residents, passing the Tenant Bill of Rights measure starts a process to give local government more and more control of your assets and personal liberties by:

  1. Using housing issues as a political weapon

  2. Opening the door for real estate eminent domain opportunities

  3. Giving local government access to promote homelessness solutions in upscale communities

Please click the link below to read about San Francisco Bay Area politics to control rental properties. An article excerpt is provided under the link.

For ninety days the government controls the rent you can charge—then it will take the long term control of your property. That also means, since government controls your rents, the value of your property goes down. Why, because politicians looking for votes, not the marketplace will determine your costs and your rents! Socialism is in full swing in Oakland.

Please click the link below to read how local San Francisco government can force landlords to pay money to tenants at end of lease. An article excerpt is provided under the link.

An Ellis Act eviction is one of the just cause evictions listed in the San Francisco Rent Ordinance. An Ellis Act eviction is when tenants are evicted because the landlord is removing all units in the building from the rental market. There are strict statutory requirements that the landlord must follow to do an Ellis Act eviction, and payment of relocation benefits for tenants is required.

Major update!

After publishing this article, a 2020 California law was upheld forcing landlords to pay one month's rent to evicted renters to help with relocation costs.

A federal appeals court has upheld a state law requiring property owners who legally evict tenants to pay one month of the tenant’s rent in order to reduce the cost of relocation.

I recommend Pinellas County voters, landlords, investors, small business owners, in large numbers, call, email or write county commissioners, today, to communicate their concerns. Start identifying individuals to run for local offices at all levels.

Pinellas County residents are invited to be a Real People USA podcast guest to discuss this subject. Don't let Pinellas County become another California. Stand your ground.

All the best,

Rick Nappier, CEO

Real People USA LLC

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