Pinellas Voters Will Play the Larger Role in County Commission Races, More Than Ever Before

Heather Vernillo is running for Pinellas County Commissioner District 4.

The November 2022 elections will offer much different potential outcomes than past elections. The last two years have been a period of time most Pinellas County residents will never forget.

Heather, herself, said "I really was not that political until I saw my basic rights and freedoms quickly being taken away with covid restrictions".

In past elections, there were no huge negative consequences if a Pinellas Democrat or a Pinellas Republican candidate won.

That was then…this is now.

If the Democrat or the Republican won, Democrat and Republican voters’ lives saw no significant changes in their daily lives. Taxes went up or taxes went down. People still took vacations. Schools stayed open. Gyms and hair salons stayed open. Financial planners helped their clients with retirement. Police officers, firefighters and EMS workers remained on the job. Healthcare professionals cared for the sick.

Depending on if you were a Democrat or Republican voter, you were either happy or sad the election outcome. The sadness lasted about one week. Then, you moved on.

Pinellas County was dealt a devastating blow by Dave Eggers, District 4 County Commission Member. Eggers is the current District 4 Commissioner and was the County Commission member during the Pinellas County business shutdown.

Here are the actions Heather would have taken if she were a County Commissioner member:

  • Heather Vernillo would have never voted to shutdown small businesses under the threat of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

  • Heather Vernillo would have never put your livelihoods, assets and dreams you built over many years at risk.

  • Heather Vernillo would have never voted to disrupt your family’s traditions.

Here are Heather's action items if she is elected County Commissioner District 4 member:

  • Heather Vernillo will vote to reduce commercial development and preserve North Pinellas open spaces.

  • Heather Vernillo will vote for 8-year term limits so public servants can live with their policy decisions after they leave office.

  • Heather Vernillo will work to fix storm drainage systems to mitigate local flooding challenges.

What makes the 2022 elections more important than previous elections is Pinellas County voters will play the larger role, not Heather Vernillo. Heather is the messenger to deliver the message Pinellas County voters want through their votes.

If Pinellas County voters want in 2022 and after what they experienced in 2020 and 2021 with career politician Dave Eggers' poor leadership and his shutdown orders, do not vote for Heather Vernillo as District 4 County Commissioner.

If Pinellas County voters want the freedoms they had prior to 2020 under President Donald J. Trump, since the founding of our great country, then vote for Heather Vernillo as your next District 4 County Commissioner.

A return to a bright future is truly in the hands of the people and Heather Vernillo is ready to restore Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness to District 4 Pinellas County voters.

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Rick Nappier,

Vernillo for Pinellas Campaign Consultant

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