Predictable Success Theory Trumps Critical Race Theory

I’m not going to spend anytime on the origins of critical race theory (crt). People can waste their own time researching crt. I'm not even capitalizing the letters! Lol.

Readers and podcast listeners can thank the communist leaning Democrat Party for introducing crt to America.

Isn't it amazing that Democrats only offer policies that tear down America? What a pitiful bunch today's Democrats are.

The American people are learning about crt and rejecting it regardless of if they hear it on conservative radio stations or when Republican and Democrat parents and grandparents are surprised when they discover their children are lectured on the “theory” of white privilege or hyperbole about why white people have had dominance over black people since the 17th century.

This blog article and connected podcast episode debunk reasons why crt is being discussed today.

The media and communist Democrat politicians are saying crt's goal is to return or create some social and financial equity to black people that were somehow stolen or black people were deprived of because of slavery.

This article and podcast episode will show how crt is actually a Trojan Horse to damage black people further psychologically.

Today’s Democrat Party is the new American Communist Party that has decided to reveal itself after President Donald Trump did so many great things to advance the America First platform which helps Americans of every ethnicity.

The Democrat Party had to concoct something to push back on Americans’ growing prosperity and economic freedom during President Trump’s presidency. Democrats cannot tolerate fellow Americans feeling free and unencumbered.

As usual, the Democrat Party picked black people to unleash their sociological experiment upon just like they did with welfare in the 1970’s, the gay rights movement in the 2000’s, and now crt in 2021.

The reason why Democrats use black people as their guinea pigs is because over the last 50-60 years Democrats learned that there is money in keeping people in poverty. Democrats create the poverty conditions, then ask for money to fix the poverty conditions they created. Then, government funding is needed annually to fix problems Democrats created.

Democrats are in the problem creation business.

To make sure Democrat funding streams never end, Democrats create new needs for funding by creating more black people problems. And crt is the newest problem created by Democrats. But this crt problem is more powerful because Democrats need to spew racist rhetoric to new generations of black people.

Because many black people are successful in just about every industry, Democrats needed to fan the flames of racism to replace older blacks who grew up during times of actual racism with younger blacks who will never experience the racism black people saw who are now 65 years old and older.

Democrats want to counter racial achievements in America such as blacks succeeding in medicine, science, education, sports, entertainment, and politics.

The reason why crt is a Trojan Horse to further damage the psyche of black people is because white privilege does not exist. And these communist Democrats will never be able to get white people to believe they are extended some special privilege over black people.

In order words, whatever the number of white people who succumb to crt, Democrats will harm multiples more black people...which is really the goal.

Yes, Democrats can hold big corporations hostage and get them to go woke and mandate crt training to white employees. But from what I’m hearing from white people working in corporate America, white people are rolling their eyes in these meetings and only sit through crt sessions to check a requirement box.

Because white people represent about 70% of the US population and black people represent about 14% of the US population, there is an automatic 5:1 advantage assumption just on the population variable. Meaning, communist Democrats use the 5:1 ratio to theorize white privilege exists.

I use the phrase "advantage assumption" to communicate that if there were only one type of job to have in America and there 5 white people to every 1 black person who wanted to work, there would be a 5:1 likelihood that a white person would get that one job before a black person.

But here is an explanation that blows up the theory. There is more than one just job a person can have in America.

If a black person feels he or she was treated unjustly, preventing him or her from getting a job at company A, there are companies B to Z he or she can apply and most likely get hired. And if companies have multiple positions to fill, the skilled and talented black person has even a greater likelihood to get hired at one of the 25 companies looking to fill positions if one company took a pass on the black applicant.

The way the world works is if the black person is somewhat talented or skilled in what he or she does, some employer will assess that talent or skill to be valuable on the company balance sheet. Meaning, the black person can be hired at $30 per hour or $5,200 per month plus benefits and the employer will see the company realizing $25,000 per month in revenue.

This is how companies make decisions.

I agree that nepotism, favoritism, and the good old boy network still exist. In fact, nepotism and favoritism exist more in state employment where one person in management will higher his best friend, her cousin, his son, her son-in-law, etc.

Recently, a black engineer friend of mine was hired by a state of California department as the top candidate. But when he got into the position, he was told that a nephew of a department head did not get the job because my black friend was so qualified. After six months, my friend was fired because he faced so much resistance from the department head’s minions who did not let my friend implement any ideas…ideas as indicated in the job description.

My black engineer friend is a registered California Democrat. Yes, Democrats eat their own. It did not matter that my black engineer friend was the most qualified candidate and had a track record of success!

So let’s compare critical race theory and predictable success theory.

Based on my 60 years on this Earth, I can tell people that the intent of critical race theory is to further psychologically damage black people.

Blacks need to jettison critical race theory and embrace predictable success theory.

I believe the reason why white Democrat communists push critical race theory is because they know black people have the aptitude and wherewithal to persist to achieve any goal. Again, in order for Democrats to have self-worth, they need the American people to be in pain and misery.

Democrats are afraid to remove the psychological influences on black America. Democrats are addicted to inflicting pain, misery and destruction on black America. There is big government money payable to political charlatans in big America cities to keep black people in economic bondage.

In contrast, predictable success theory is about capitalizing on actions and behaviors a person has mastered. Professional athletes like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Naomi Osaka, Venus and Serena Williams have all mastered predictable success theory. Others who have mastered predictable success theory include Ben Carson, Herschel Walker, and Denzel Washington.

Unknown people such as every day, single-parent or two-parent households also have mastered predictable success theory if they have children who have become productive adults.

There’s only one required external input for predictable success theory to materialize: effort.

By increasing effort, a person will eventually become successfully at whatever task they attempt.

As I write this blog and record this podcast episode, I’m thinking of my own situation. I am the son of a drug addict mother and a drug dealer father. My father gave heroin to my mother that contributed to her drug related death when I was 16yo.

After mom's death and living with a military uncle, at the time of high school graduation, I decided to join the military. I did not have a family structure I could lean on like my other black friends in the neighborhood. I was on my own at the age of 18 and drove across country from Tampa to San Francisco at 18yo to start my six-year military service.

Because of the home conditions I experienced from 11yo to 16yo with drugs, my mother working as a prostitute, seeing people shot, driving a drug dealer’s car at the age of 14yo right by a Tampa Police Officer, at the age of 18yo, I had the maturity of probably a 30yo where I took my job a little more seriously than other 18yo young men and women.

After leaving the military, I started working in corporate America, and I discovered my attention to details, along with putting in consistent effort, opened many doors to promotions, higher income, job longevity, and workplace credibility (and sometimes envy) among corporate colleagues. Within six years of working in corporate America, I finished my 12-year corporate career managing a sales department of 60 account executives in Los Angeles.

I kept my childhood experiences in my mind and promised myself not to duplicate a setting for my children I had as a child.

Long story short, I have three black sons with my wife, a black woman who grew up in South Central Los Angeles. All three boys work in technology jobs. One son works at Apple; one is an aircraft mechanic and my third son works as network security specialist in Los Angeles. Two sons have college degrees.

I have to admit that it’s tough to start on the predictable success theory path.

The tough part is executing independent thought. In the black community, there are so many naysayers reinforcing pity and doubt in their own lives that they want to other black people fail too.

In the black community, we call negative persuasion “crabs in the bucket” mentality.

If you look at a bucket of crabs, as one crab is trying escape the bucket, a lower crab will use its claw to pull the higher crab back in the bucket. What I think is physically happening within the crab bucket is the lower crab is also trying to get out of the bucket and is grabbing the nearest object it can to also climb out.

Predictable success theory is color blind. It works for any ethnicity.

The one thing I will agree with is some ethnicities have more stronger family infrastructures to make it more likely their communities will be more productive than black communities.

I believe black communities had the infrastructure before Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson's “Great Society” program was enacted into law. The Great Society introduced welfare to black communities in the late 1960’s.

Before the Great Society, black families were stable. After the Great Society, black women were incentivized to have babies out of wedlock because the government provided funds to women if the man did not live in the home.

My mother was a victim of the Great Society.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to this podcast episode.

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Rick, Founder of Real People USA

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