Running For the U.S. Congress in South Florida-It’s Not for Handsomeness nor Beauty…It’s a Duty

I’m probably more excited than Rubin about his run as a Florida Congressional Candidate in the Miami-Dade, Broward area. Rubin accomplished something momentous and historic.

Rubin Young is officially on the ballot to run against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, looking to serve as South Florida’s newest Congressman.

Rubin broke the image glass ceiling.

Everyone knows South Florida has a landscape of glitz, glamour, great hair and fantastic looks.

South Beach, Sunny Isles, Aventura, Ft Lauderdale, Las Olas and Palm Beach are the places where beautiful people hang out to be seen.

Rubin’s physical attributes does not fit the image South Floridians see as seen on television shows like Ballers starring Dwayne Johnson or Miami Vice starring Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas. Rubin is an “ordinary average guy” like the lyrics in the song by Joe Walsh.

What makes Rubin’s achievement to qualify for the ballot so inspiring is Rubin became a candidate by ballot petition.

There are two ways to qualify as a Congressional candidate in Florida. A person can pay about $12, 600 or, they can talk to lots of people to get 2,568 signatures. Rubin chose the latter as he probably didn’t have $12,600 in his bank account.

Rubin is one of the few South Florida candidates, if not the only, to qualify by ballot petition. And to get 2,568 ballot petitions signed, Rubin had to ask over 15,000 Florida voters in multiple Florida counties.

South Florida is the land of fun and sun and people make decisions…some important, some unimportant decisions based on how handsome, attractive or sexy people are.

If you are a Florida voter who has done something you consider great in your life, have you ever faced situations where you did not look the part because of your physical features like height, weight, race, and/or looks…but you still came out on top? You put in the hard work and accomplished the task. Now, you may begin to see who Rubin is.

Do you know what it is like to talk to15,000 people to ask them to help you get on the ballot to run for Congress? The clip below is some of the work Rubin did to get on the ballot. Rubin loves talking with people.

In my private sector consulting business, I work with attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons and financial services professionals. These highly educated, skilled small business owners have challenges in reaching out to potential clients who charge $2,000 in fees and for their professional services.

The work Rubin did exceeds the efforts what most business professionals need to do to grow their businesses.

If Rubin opened a law practice or a real estate brokerage tomorrow and had to grow his business from scratch, Rubin would have the most successful law firm or real estate brokerage in South Florida.

What Rubin understands through past hard work is:

if the goal is big enough...

there is no obstacle that can stand in his way.

In the upcoming primary election on August 23, Rubin Young has some primary opponents.

Most South Florida residents are probably unfamiliar with these primary challengers nor have seen these challengers in public. But some have good physical attributes like good hair, handsome faces, voluptuous figures, etc.

American voters have experienced, unfortunately, what happens when candidates go to Congress and put their looks and personal ambitions over American citizens' liberties.

Mr. Good Hair (Republican Mitt Romney), Mr Handsome Faces (Republicans Adam Kinzinger and Jeff Flake) and Ms. Self-Proclaimed Most Desirable Woman (Democrat Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez) are putting their personal interests over Americans' Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

At a time in America like we are in today, do American voters really want to send people to Congress based on physical features alone?

Which members of Congress will stand for American values at this time of crisis and not be tricked or swayed to vote against America because they never had the courage to begin with?

How can American voters be confident if their untested, newly minted candidates, now members of Congress, will ever understand important issues facing our country today?

So the question is who do South Floridians want to serve them in Congress? Voters will have two types of candidates to choose from.

The smart choice is to vote for Rubin Young in the primary and general elections.

In the 2020 election, Rubin Young ran for Miami-Dade Clerk of the Court and received 278,000 votes (39%) out of 700,000 total votes. Rubin has played a major role in the local and state Florida government issues and understands the legislative process like he wrote it himself.

Rubin sent draft correspondence to Florida Governor DeSantis which Rubin feels he helped the Governor establish an Office of Election Crimes and Security within the state of Florida.

As a South Florida voter, wouldn’t you want a Congressman who is fearless enough to talk to 15,000 Florida residents and ask for signatures? And, as side note, county elections officials tossed an average of 20% of the signatures because voter record and signature mismatches.

Can you now Rubin Young fighting for South Florida and the nation in Congress?

In your day-to-day lives, think about people you admire because they are good at what they do. You admire these people because they walk the walk.

The second choice and…it’s a poor choice: voting for candidates who paid $12,600 to be on the ballot. Where did the $12,600 come from? Here are seven reasons why South Florida voters should be concerned with where the money comes from and NOT go with the second choice:

  1. Maybe donors gave candidates the money.

  2. Maybe candidates paid from their own personal funds.

  3. Maybe candidates used donor funds from their past, multiple failed election attempts.

  4. Maybe special interest groups paid the fee (red alert!)

  5. Maybe members of the other opposing political party paid the fee to remove the strong Republican candidates so the Democrat candidates or incumbents can face weaker Republican candidates in the general election.

  6. Maybe the disinterested, weak Republican candidates see big paydays coming from withdrawing from races so Democrat candidates or incumbents can have easy victories.

  7. Maybe the disinterested, weak Republican candidates can fund their post-election lifestyles, business ventures with donor monies raised…and do the same damn thing 2 years from now, 4 years from now, etc. This is the definition of a professional candidates…candidates also known as "grifters" who have no intentions of winning but enjoy the financial fruits of losing at the expense of hardworking American people.

Where is the actual WORK in most of the seven ways money was raised to run for Congress?

None of these seven poor choice reasons apply to Rubin Young because he worked to be on the ballot to become South Florida's next U.S. of House of Representative member.

Rubin Young has crossed a major hurdle in his run for Congress. But Rubin still needs your help.

Please subscribe to Rubin’s updates by entering your name, email, phone number and zip code in the contact box.

Rubin needs to make this election count. There is much South Florida voting trickery and election shenanigans as seen in past elections.

Rubin needs to have an approximate number of the people who will vote for him in the primary and general elections. Having this approximate vote count BEFORE the election can be used as legal evidence to fight against election fraud.

Also, please donate to Rubin’s campaign for him to use the funds to promote his campaign. Rubin promises nots to buy a Tesla or real estate investment properties with your hard earned money.

During this last campaign stretch, Rubin’s platform message has not changed but he has the additions to Work Smart, Work Hard, Use a Strategy and Communicate Often.

Please vote for Rubin in the primary and general elections.

Rick Nappier, CEO

Real People USA LLC

"This message is approved and paid for by Rubin Young for Congress"
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