Small Business Owners Face Serious Decisions Whether to Vote/Support Republicans or Democrats

It's been interesting how people and small business owners in California suddenly switched their support to Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

It was reported that Beverly Hills residents supported Donald Trump by 56%, giving the "other guy" 44%. Please note that immediately after Trump won the Beverly Hills over the other guy, communist-leaning, progressive media began writing articles about "other guy" supporters.

Outside of California, small business owners historically supported Republican candidates because of their stances on limited government, lower taxes and support of capitalism.

But in cities like Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, New York City, Houston, and Chicago, small business owners who vote Democrat will have some important decisions to make in future elections.

What readers and podcast listeners need to know is, before the 2016 election and Trump's America First policies, small business owners in Democrat-leaning cities enjoyed a decent lifestyle regardless if a Democrat or Republican won elections.

Trump's 2016 election and most of his presidency saw small business owners in Democrat cities making more money. But these small business owners were secretly excited because they could still vote Democrat because doing so had no requirement to align themselves with Donald Trump...the person whose policies added to small business owners' successes.

I had one business colleague in Las Vegas who quietly acknowledged that Donald Trump's policies had helped her business and were responsible for her stock portfolio recovering most of the losses experiences under Obama and the 2009 real estate crisis.

This same, ungrateful colleague, figuratively speaking, threw Donald Trump's efforts under the bus when the Covid scam emerged. In other words, she was secretly cheering for Donald Trump when times were good, but became a turncoat when Donald Trump was under pressure to deal with the Covid scam.

This Las Vegas colleague is no longer a friend.

The psychological thing with small business owners in Democrat cities is many love to espouse progressive political themes and still have profitable businesses. Making lots of money as a small business owner and voting Democrat WAS the best of both worlds.

I personally do not know what benefits are vastly different for small business owners voting for Democrats compared to benefits for voting Republican. Perhaps, someone can comment on the benefits Democrat-voting small business owners have above and beyond benefits Republican-voting small business owners receive.

I had this Democrat vs Republican business owner conversation with a Florida Congressional candidate. This candidate opined it's possible that it's less sexy or not sexy for a small business owner to openly declare Republican or conservative virtues.

Does this mean that it's better branding to be Democrat-voting small business owner vs a Republican-voting small business owner?

I thought and learned in Economics courses that business fundamentals determined a company's success, not whether you vote Democrat or Republican.

Fast forward to 2021.

The fascination with being a Democrat-voting small business owner has dried up and is no longer en vogue. The current administration has made it clear that it is not an ally of any small business owner regardless of political affiliation.

The current administration has signaled that small business owners are enemies. Small business owners are being asked to take their companies through self-destructive processes to make loose money, violate employees' medical privacy rights and, by proxy, relinquish control to the government.

In addition, the external factors negatively impacting small business owners are burdensome tax increases, hyper-inflation, and supply chain disruptions.

I believe small business owners have already made the decision to abandon their past Democrat-voting sins.

The time is now right and ripe for Republican congressional candidates to reach out to small business owners more than ever before.

The timing is perfect for Republican congressional candidates to bring to life the long-admired reasons why Republican principles are far superior to damaging, Democrat economic policies.

Small business owners need to rally-behind and support Republican congressional candidates because the first line of defense to protect Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness must be a joint effort.

Donald Trump was right all along that he is the best president for all Americans.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the connected podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, Founder

Real People USA

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