Strategy and Action Are Loved By Donors and Voters

This is Real People USA’s last political podcast episode and blog article. We will continue interviewing Republican political candidates.

It’s December 29, 2021. Primaries will begin in 2nd quarter of 2022, followed by the general election in November 2022.

Time is approaching where Republican candidates need to know where the stand in winning their elections. My fear is the majority of Republican candidates have no idea how many votes they will receive. Many do not have enough money to campaign effectively.

More important than money and votes, many candidates do not have a strategy to get the number of votes to win.

Real People USA has decided to halt social media posts and shift to more productive efforts to help our candidates clients win. For every hour spent of creating social media political content, Real People USA can speak with 30-40 potential voters, asking them to support Republican candidates by working in campaigns and donating money.

Real People USA will work campaigns like they are businesses. Our Republican clients need results.

When Real People USA is not helping political candidates, our time is spent working our commercial business which provides sales systems and business development services to attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers.

Campaign development is almost similar to commercial business development. Small businesses need more clients and political campaigns need enough pledged voters.

The big difference between business development and campaign development is businesses can have incremental and ongoing improvement to reach revenue goals. When businesses do not hit their revenue goals, money is still made and business owners try harder next year.

Campaigns have a definite finish line and need "must-win" results. There are no second-place victories. Candidates either win or lose. This is why a strategy is needed.

Why would candidates waste 1-2 years of effort...without a strategy...and lose?

Why would candidates accept donor money...without a strategy...and lose?

Why would candidates enlist volunteer help...without a strategy...and lose?

There are two types of strategies: a strategy without logic and a strategy with logic.

A strategy without logic is: we will push our campaign on social media by growing followers, mail campaign flyers, reach out to voters using dialers or hire people to make phone calls, and trust the polls on election day.

The main challenge with the social media campaign strategy is the low return on investment and the poor cost/benefit analysis. Plus, social media platforms do not like Republicans. Republican candidates are operating in Big Tech's sandbox.

A strategy with logic is some of the above but with more tracking to create a pledge voter database. Another strategy with logic is to enlist current pledged voters to reach out to their network of friends, families, and colleagues.

Republican candidates can build armies of supporters throughout districts and states by telling them what the strategy is and how supporters can play major roles in executing the strategy.

Everyone loves a winner.

I recall in 1981, when I was in the military near San Francisco, the San Francisco 49ers was the worst team in the NFL. Then 2-3 years later San Francisco won the Super Bowl over the Miami Dolphins. People all over Northern California and around the U.S. began to cheer for the 49ers and QB Joe Montana, WR Jerry Rice and other players because the 49ers had found a winning strategy.

People are smart.

They can comprehend when a strategy will work. People are more willing to participate in a strategy if the strategy is simple. Remember the acronym: KISS? Keep it Super Simple? A simple strategy must be easy to duplicate as if everyone is a 5th grader.

Complex campaign strategies cannot be duplicated by the common man and common woman. This is why candidates have a tough time winning their elections.

The challenge with a logical strategy is it requires a lot more work than the strategy without logic.

The work component is the key to having a successful strategy.

The elements in the work component include contacting strangers, building trust and rapport, listening to voters’ concerns, caring about voters’ interests, and empowering/enlisting supporters to duplicate the strategy.

The strategic with logic is vastly different than the strategy without logic. The strategy without logic does not obligate anyone to interact with a human. Thus, this is why the Republican candidate does not know if he or she will win his or her political race.

Finally, Republican candidates need to learn how to become more friendly.

Democrats treat their voters badly.

Democrats have no regard for their voters because their policies will not help voters, only hurt their voters. Democrats could care less about being friendly to their voters because their economic policies are not friendly. How can a Democrat be friendly to voters when Democrat policies cause more pain, misery and destruction? And let’s remember that Democrat have a major cheating component in their election activities.

This is why Republicans will always need to work harder to get votes. It is crystal clear as the year 2021 comes to an end that Republicans have what most Americans want. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is always the winning ticket.

Real People USA uses a formula to calculate how much work is needed to achieve the pledged voter numbers to win an election.

Using a formula, the Republican candidate can work hard and smart. Hard work is not replaceable and cannot be substituted with anything.

This is the Real People USA plan for Republican political candidate clients.

If you are running for political office and do not have a strategy, please call Real People USA at (602) 805-7000 or email us at

Happy New Year!

Rick Nappier

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