Take Back Your City Councils, School Boards, PTAs and Mayor Offices

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Americans, from all political affiliations, need to make their concerns heard at the local levels. Americans need to express their feelings to city councils, school boards, and mayors in written form and, if possible and convenient, with in-person visits.

Currently, people are focused on policies implemented in Washington DC. Although federal policies need our attention, Americans’ lives in matters involving employment, child education, public health, and our lifestyles are mostly impacted by local policies.

People in American cities and towns can no longer expect or wait for Washington DC to offer solutions to local challenges. Our country was not founded on Washington DC making decisions for cities and towns 24, 240 or 2,400 miles away from the nation's capitol.

I’m not sure if there are statistics on the following question: how many contact touches are made with city councils, school boards, PTAs, and mayors per month?

I would guess that no local city council, school board, PTA nor mayor is receiving letters from local residents in large numbers. These local politicians probably assume local residents are okay with city, school and local government activities.

What I am hearing and seeing from people living in cities is residents making their voices heard about their disdain about critical race theory curricula and white racism propaganda being taught in K-12 schools.

The majority of local residents are very unhappy with race-to-the-bottom, public policies which are quickly ruining cities and towns across America.

What if 25,000 local residents mailed one letter, per week to each city council member, each school board member, each PTA association and every mayor? What if letters were sent as "certified mail" to ensure public officials received your important message?

Local public officials would take immediate notice!

Public officials react the same way, if not greater, with bad customer service communications from residents as companies react if consumers are unhappy with products and services.

When I worked in corporate America 20 years, poor service to clients created overwhelming, negative feedback to the company. The company swiftly identified and rectified the problems.

Just like companies need clients’ monies to stay in business, politicians need satisfied voters to remain in office.

In many cities across America, local residents are very unhappy with local public officials. And, it is crystal clear, some of these public officials have agendas not conducive towards life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

From what I’m hearing from people around the country, the top five issues are:

  1. Strengthening small business owners’ ability to succeed by reducing onerous, heavy-handed regulations.

  2. Returning public education to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic instead of indoctrinating our children and grandchildren with Marxist ideology.

  3. Creating positive environments in which everyone in the community feels like a stakeholder where each individual can put together a personal plan to be successful in his or her lives.

  4. Ensuring local public officials follow the U.S. Constitution and enforce the laws on the book so everyone can understand boundaries and be held accountable.

  5. Upholding election integrity where only legal votes count, and no legal vote is diluted by rigged computer systems and fraudulent voting policies.

What city council member, school board or mayor concerned about local residents would be against any of the five policies I just mentioned? The five policies are not even political if the outcome is to have vibrant and safe communities where people can raise families and lots of opportunities exist.

Local residents should write courteous, but effective letters. Letters should focus on resident deep dissatisfaction with current policies and strongly encourage local officials to change policies immediately. Local officials have the power of the pen to make changes faster than the federal government. Changes only require a consensus of elected officials who are listening to the people.

Letters should include the penalty if policies are not corrected. The penalty is being voted out of office.

If there is a local person who wants to steer a local group to keep the focus on local public officials, the local person should consider fundraising to buy t-shirts or schedule impromptu local events at parks.

Film these events and post to your community websites. Then, use word-of-mouth communications to spread the group’s message to local residents. I would not post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because these social media platforms are not supportive of causes like these.

If you are listening to the podcast episode and want to be a podcast guest to discuss your local city council’s, school board or mayor’s policies, please email me at Please include your name, city, and phone number. Serious inquiries only, please.

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Make it a great day.

Rick, Founder, Real People USA

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