Voter vs Buyer Remorse-Biz Owners Finding Clients and Congressional Candidates Running for Office

There is a 90% overlap between small business owners finding new clients and Republican candidates running for Congressional seats.

This article and podcast episode focus on the 10% difference between small business owners finding clients and Republican candidates.

First, what are the similarities between the two?

Both, the small business owner and the political candidate are marketing their services. The business owners is looking for legal, dental, plumbing, hair care, insurance, real estate or other clients. The Republican political candidate is looking for enough voters who agree with his or her platform items to defeat the Democrat.

Marketing and advertising, messaging and structured speeches, product pitches, building rapport and connecting with voters are top on the minds of small business owners and political candidates.

As you may have guessed already, or maybe even experienced as a consumer, voter, donor or Republican candidate, there are both effective and ineffective methods being served as a consumer, voter, donor or candidate, and selling a product or service. Like I said at the beginning, there is a 90% overlap. Real People USA understands the confusion.

Real People USA has discovered small business owners understand marketing, product pitches and building rapport are necessities to finding new clients. However, many Republican candidates do not grasp that messaging, structured speeches and connecting with voters are vital to building a strong voter base.

Which is more damaging?

  • A client being dissatisfied after a product or service purchase? Or,

  • A voter putting his or her trust in a candidate during a campaign and the candidate losing?

Buyer remorse is common. A person can be dissatisfied with a product or service after finding out the product or service does not work.

An incorrect product or service purchase impacts only the consumer.

Often, the consumer can get his or her money back or receive a like-product as a replacement.

Voter remorse is much more damaging. The campaign donation to a losing candidate is the issue.

Every candidate should make as his or her highest priority to win the election.

Republican candidates receiving donations must put in extreme effort to win their elections. Receiving donations and not working hard is almost similar to theft. Real People USA feels strongly about this subject.

A Republican candidate may think, "it's only $10 or $50...what's the big deal if I do not work hard to win"? Multiply $10 or $50 by several hundred thousand people putting their trust in the Republican candidate IS a big deal!

To accept the money and not work hard to win shows one of two things:

  1. The candidate never had a plan to win and abused the privilege of asking for donations. Or,

  2. The candidate really did not want to win and betrayed donors' trust.

Taking the high road, I want to think #1 is the predominant reason why Republican candidates accept donations and lose.

Real People USA has discovered that many Republican candidates do not have a plan to win their races. Looking through the hearts and minds of candidates we have spoken with, they want to win. However, there is/was no formal plan to win.

Posting fundraising events on social media as the top plan to win is not a winning plan.

I had postponed finishing this article for two weeks because parts of the Real People USA plan to win was in test mode.

Here is the plan to win Real People USA uses:

  1. Perform telephone surveys to get local voter feedback on the issues.

  2. Coach candidates to master the Five-Point messaging platform.

  3. Coach candidates on delivering strategic public speeches.

  4. Schedule local and online fundraising events.

  5. Produce weekly podcast interviews and political content.

  6. Strategize to build pledged-voter databases.

  7. Create warm and engaging websites.

While other Republican consulting groups send emails, text messages and post on social media, Real People USA calls people in the local community where the Republican candidate is running.

We have completed the "telephone survey" test and received remarkable results and feedback.

I cannot disclose in this article or communicate in the podcast episode the hidden secrets why calling people to get their feedback is powerful.

The Republican candidate needs to be a coaching and fundraising client to see the Real People USA impact on their campaign. But I can say random phone calls to local residents is effective in so many ways.

Notice that I did not include social media in any of the seven steps. Real People USA is not anti social media. We just do not feel social media should be the top strategy to win elections.

In closing, the 2022 election is probably the BIGGEST political event in most people's lifetime. More than ever before, voters and donors want reassurance that Republican candidates are serious about winning.

As a Republican candidate, you raised your hand identifying yourself as the man or woman asking for one of the most powerful jobs in the world.

Real People USA strongly urges candidates to not let American voters down. Americans do not have the luxury of waiting 2-3 years to fix our current problems. Candidates need a plan to win and must work the plan like your life and the American people's lives depend on you winning.

If you are a Republican candidate running for office and feel you do not have a strong plan to win, Real People USA would like to speak with you.

All the best,

Rick Nappier, Founder

(480) 400-4500

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