The Formula is Now Complete: GOP Candidates' Work Must Be Included in the Fundraising Component

The picture is now crystal clear. GOP candidates must work to maximize and validate their fundraising efforts.

This next statement may come as a shock for some. On a professional level, I do not like receiving money from people, businesses or organizations without providing something of value in return.

As a newly formed LLC, Real People USA LLC will not and cannot solicit fundraising dollars for any candidate without Real People USA LLC and candidates putting in work.

When I started the fundraising activity on an informal basis, the act of asking for donations felt weird.

Let's look at one or two fundraising examples.

When organizations make pitches for donations for international efforts to feed starving children, the expectation is the money will be used to feed starving children.

Organizations soliciting donations for neglected animals hopefully use the money to rescue stray animals. This is the expectation.

In both cases, donors hardly ever see the results of their donations, but the expectations are theses organizations will use donated funds for the causes they represent.

Initially, for political fundraising, the way my brain worked is money solicited through fundraising should be used to do WHAT?

It's the WHAT part where I could not connect the dots because I saw fundraising in the past used in ways not connected to winning political raises. I felt empathy for donors who gave money with the hopes that their donations would be used in an effort to win elections.

Even if the candidates lost, the donations were definitely used in those losing efforts and not for other activities unrelated to campaigning.

Now, another way my brain works is well-designed systems help INCREASE the probability strategic plans will succeed. My brain is tethered to past experiences in corporate America such that success was equated to having good strategic plans.

It took me a good five months to design a plan...or a formula...for GOP candidates to fundraise effectively by adding a WORK component.

Real People USA LLC, within the last 60 days, spoke with approximately 50 business owners and individuals (some contacted us) about how they felt about donating to GOP candidates.

An overwhelming percentage of people (87%) said directly or indirectly that they never saw the results of their donations. Almost 50% said they would donate just because they had $10-$100 in disposable income and they understood it takes money to run campaigns.

Approximately one out of five people said they saw no GOP candidate plan for winning. When I called a person who donated, the person said that "he would have donated more but could not get a candidate to explain how she would win the election".

Every GOP candidate needs a plan how he or she will win.

As a former Fortune 500 sales manager, to hear a customer say, "I'm buying something of little to no value" is shocking, to say the least! That's similar to a person taking $500 to a gambling casino with the expectation of quickly losing the $500.

So, how can the GOP candidate bring more value to the fundraising activity where the GOP candidate is receiving donations to run an effective campaign and the donor feels his or her donation dollars are contributing to a high probability of winning the election?

To answer this complicated question, let's look at the word "work".

The verb or noun, work, has some interesting attributes.

First, the verb, work, is active. Meaning, some external effort is applied on something. The phrase "working out" at a gym is a good example. The person worked on the car. A person worked to lose weight.

The noun version example of work is "I went to work" or "I went to my job".

Both the verb and noun versions explicitly imply that something is gained from either working or going to work. Money is the expectation for working or going to work.

Therefore, for GOP candidates to meet the requirements of receiving fundraising dollars from donors, they must work.

Now, let's define what is NOT work for the GOP candidate.

  1. Posting on social media is not work.

  2. All Republicans meeting at a restaurant to socialize.

What is work for the GOP candidate.

  1. Meeting with potential voters to communicate your strategy.

  2. Knocking on doors to introduce yourself to people.

  3. Republicans meeting at a restaurant to formulate a strategy with the expectation to execute the strategy.

What is "effective" work for the GOP candidate.

  1. Ensuring the work adds up to a victory.

  2. Each successive unit of work builds on the previous units of work.

  3. And, since the November 2020 election, the work must be validated so the work cannot be stolen.

In closing, Real People USA LLC has identified connecting with potential voters NOW as the best work for the GOP candidate.

GOP candidates should be working with local residents to fix local issues with school boards, city councils (aldermen in Chicago), district supervisors and county supervisors.

GOP candidates can best show value for fundraising dollars by getting in the trenches with local residents to stop unconstitutional policies in their communities. If local residents see the GOP candidates (state or congressional) standing side-by-side with local residents, GOP candidates will show that missing value voters are seeking and increase fundraising dollars to their campaigns.

GOP candidates (and the sitting GOP politicians) should work to recall or replace these local officials who are not following the U.S. Constitution or violating local residents' rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Real People USA LLC is now creating opportunities for GOP candidates to connect with local residents who are highly motivated to:

  1. keeping their kids free of mask and vaccine mandates,

  2. rolling back unconstitutional vaccine passports to dine, shop, and enjoy entertainment venues, and

  3. eliminating anti-HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) rules forcing American citizens to show proof of vaccination to maintain employment.

Fundraising dollars should be spent on activities to win the election. Expenses such as marketing materials, radio and television ads, billboards, website maintenance, travel, hiring doorknockers, security personnel, phone systems, lodging, campaign apparel and other necessities to keep the lights on and sustain the GOP candidate.

In several cities in California, Washington state, New York state and Florida, there are promising results from GOP candidates working with local residents at the local levels.

If you are a voter and your GOP candidate or sitting GOP member of Congress is not working in your best interest in your local community, you and Real People USA LLC can start the process to find a replacement candidate who is willing to work for you.

If you are a GOP candidate and you need support to connect with a local resident willing to fight along side of you, you and Real People USA LLC can work to find motivated individuals in your district.

Please send Real People USA LLC a message from our website and we will contact you within one business day.

Thanks for reading this article or listening to the connected podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, CEO

Real People USA LLC

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