The Fraud, Deception and Lies in the Republican Party Candidate Election Process

The concerns were out there before the November 2020 election. The process was unclear much longer before 2020.

The question for me was, always, how does a Republican candidate get elected? Currently, there is no formula for getting elected to public office. All of the main nodes (voter rolls, campaign donations, election outcomes) have been compromised.

After spending 24 months interviewing four governor candidates, twenty-five Congressional candidates and about ten state and local candidates, it is crystal clear to me that there is much fraud, deception and lies in the Republican Party election process.

Thank goodness for President Donald J. Trump for, in-part, exposing the inner workings about how Republican candidates run for office. Without President Trump diligently working to put Americans first, I would have never known how the Republican leadership has failed candidates over the years.

As a Republican voter since 1992, it is very embarrassing to publish this blog article, but someone has to do it. My grandfather, a black Republican with a fifth grade education, was born in 1915. Grandpa Joe served in World War II and I received his flag during the veteran memorial cemetery service in Tampa Florida.

Unfortunately, Grandpa Joe could not vote until the 1960's, 45 years after his birth. But he always told me to "never believe someone who promises to give you things for free". Grandpa never liked nor trusted the Democrat Party.

I am a son of two drug addicts and had a difficult life as a Tampa teen with my mother strung out on heroin in Tampa's Belmont Heights black community. Through the grace of God and help with my military veteran uncle (my mother's brother), I was able to endure emotional and economic situations while still earning A's in junior and high school.

After a brief encounter with the Tampa Police Department where I was mistaken to be my father (he and I have the same first name), my U.S. Air Force career began 7 days after the police incident.

I don't consider it any significant accolade to have voted Republican as a black male since the age of 30. Since I had to process very complex society matters as a teenager, I chose the pragmatic decision-making approach for my life and for my sons' lives (who are all employed in technical or engineering occupations).

Every person has to make their own decisions in life. I saw what poverty looked like as a teen and I saw the reasons why people never got out of poverty. Some of the reasons are connected to racism, especially for adult males in the 1960's and 1970's. Since the 1980's, in my opinion, the Democrat Party has purposely kept black America in a state of confusion and low expectations.

Yes, racism was a reality for people like my mother and father who chose selling drugs rather than occupations paying enough money to have a home with a white-picket fence. By the way, my mother was a homeowner, but lost the home due to spending the mortgage money on heroin.

Let's continue with the blog article topic. I wanted to give readers a little background on my upbringing. I was NOT born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

The Republican political leadership is no longer focused on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as written in our Declaration of Independence. I'm not certain when Republican leaders began to sell their souls to corporate and foreign interests for money and power, but it is very clear that Republican Party leaders have been compromised. Again, thank you President Donald J. Trump!

My consulting firm, Real People USA LLC, has a solution to fix the current election system. Actually, a fix is not in the equation. The system has been to rebuilt from scratch.

I have 30 years experience writing business systems and strategic plans from my days in corporate America and military service.

Rebuilding the system requires new perspectives on the following top layer practices:

  1. Election contest outcomes

  2. Campaign donations

  3. Voter rolls

If you noticed, the reverse approach was taken. As a consultant, it is important that election contest outcomes receive the first analysis. A system cannot be improved until you, first, evaluate if the outcomes have been successful or unsuccessful.

The election process will be reverse-engineered to identify the faults in the current system (there are many!) and install permanent protocols to build trust with voters.

Please subscribe and donate to the rebuilding process. Most of the rebuilding requires a paradigm shift in people's thinking. Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness seekers must regain confidence in winning.

Rick Nappier, CEO

Real People USA LLC

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