The Real People USA Grassroots Campaign System

There, I claimed it. Real People USA has created its own Republican grassroots campaign system.

Now, this will only work for Republicans running for office. Democrats will find this grassroots campaign strategy totally useless because this strategy is based on truth, commitment and courage.

Grassroots campaigning the RPUSA way is for candidates with low initial campaign budgets.

The highlights of a grassroots campaign are the following:

  • The grassroots candidate probably talked to friends and strangers to get signed petitions to be on the ballot.

  • Campaign fundraising is directed to individuals, small groups and lots of letter writing to donors.

  • Incoming and outgoing calls to local small business owners are given priority status.

  • Donation request letters are mailed to individuals and past donors.

  • Candidates write blog articles and produce podcast episodes to communicate their platforms to the public.

  • Candidates have easily, recitable platform messages hardwired in their live presentations.

  • Candidates create a following, their own body-politic to generate campaign buzz.

  • Over time, the grassroots campaign takes a life of its own and begins to generate voter consciousness resulting in a consistent flow of campaign donations.

What is not a grassroots campaign.

  • Special interest donors who donate in return for future promises

  • Candidates who are neither seen nor heard by voters, but have huge campaign funds.

The grassroots campaign develops a deep understanding of their voter constituents' needs.

The grassroots candidate has his or her finger on the pulse of the community because he or she has identified the top issues impacting both Republican and Democrat voters.

Republican candidates seeking a grassroots campaign solution should call Real People USA at (480) 400-4500.

Thanks for reading this blog article and listening to the connected podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, Founder

Real People USA

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