The Rise, The Fall and the Resurgence of the Small Business Owner

Now that Covid-19 lockdowns have ravaged small business owners across the U.S., Canada and the world, I predict people will return to shopping with local small business owners. In fact, I believe, at least here in America, more people will start their own small businesses.

In essence, Americans now see the negative impacts of being indirectly forced to shop at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. Most of all, Americans now see their local pubs, restaurants and coffee shops being hit the hardest!

You see, I do not know the CEOs of Amazon, Walmart or Best Buy. But I know Monica, the Sacramento independent coffee shop owner who lives in my community. I know Moraima, the independent tax preparer and her family to whom I speak with on the phone weekly.

I want Monica and Moraima to be successful in their businesses because they have mortgages, car payments and families.

Democrat governors explicitly shutdown mom and pop small businesses declaring them to non-essential and approving corporate owned businesses like Starbucks, McDonalds and Burger King market share advantages.

Just imagine that you want a burger but, before, you drove past the local burger joint to go to corporately owned Wendy's. I bet you wished now that local burger joint was open because no American likes to be forced to spend their monies at government approved businesses.

Just today, I found a local restaurant in my community I will always patron. The restaurant is owned by an Indian family. I thanked them for being open under the strict lockdown rules ordered by Newsom.

Democrat governors have leverage to control the corporate owned stores. Now I know that some of these franchises are owned by individuals. But the franchisees still take their orders from franchisors at corporate offices.

If Bill owns a McDonald's in Fairfield California and the corporate office in Illinois tells Bill that he must follow the state government rules, Bill is going to follow the rules. In other words, corporate offices are influenced by politicians who can shut down all franchisees if headquarters do not bow down to Democrat governors and national politicians.

Someone should have asked the question why is preferential treatment giving to coffee shops like Starbucks? My local coffee shop had to shutdown. So guess what? I will never step foot inside another Starbucks for the rest of my life.

Most of all, Amazon was the big winner with the Covid-19 shutdowns. Just imagine that you can no longer go to the mall and for your shopping. Because most Americans did not pay attention to who is winning (Amazon) and who is losing (local business owners), people just started buying stuff with Amazon.

I don't know about you but have you noticed that all the gift cards and shopping incentives include an Amazon card? In my business, if a buy a vendor service, the vendor will offer me a $50 Amazon card. I turn down the card every single time because I am not an Amazon fan! To me, it seems like Amazon is giving these $50 gift cards for less than the $50 cost in order to get shoppers to order from Amazon. It's a gimmick.

I personally think that every American needs to own a business so they can put their best interests and community needs in control of local people.

My next article will highlight the reasons why people chose to shop with these major corporations instead of with local businesses. And I promise that some readers will not like what I will say.

Thanks for reading this article.

Rick, Founder, Real People USA

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