This is an All Hands on Deck Upcoming Election: "We're Taking on Water, Captain"

If your GOP district has a strong likelihood of retaining a congressional seat, then please donate to GOP candidates in communist districts.

Let's say you live in a district with a strong local House of Representative member and he or she should easily win. Then, send some of your campaign donor money to districts in California, Florida, New York City, Arizona, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Georgia where communist Democrat candidates need to be removed from office.

This is an "all hands on deck" election more than ever before!

Now is not the time for Republican voters to be excited about their districts being solidly red and not care about GOP candidates running in blue or purple districts.

Meaning, if your America First, safe GOP incumbent or candidate easily wins his or her race, but races are loss in communist districts in Orlando, Tampa, Broward, Miami-Dade, Houston, Sacramento, Myrtle Beach, Detroit, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Ventura, Riverside, and Phoenix and the House of Representatives stays in Democrat communist control, then America loses to communist policies and Democrats may stay in control forever.

I've been speaking with small business owners, concerned parents, people living in urban communities, law enforcement and America First politicians and candidates. Small business owners and parents with school age children are especially concerned.

Small business owners saw their annual business revenue drop 53% in 2020. In this 2021 recovery year, small business owners are seeing an uptick in customers returning to shop, but it does not feel the same as it was in 2019 and earlier. Small business owners are psychologically intimidated by the next possible communist government, manufactured crisis.

This uncertainty variable stalls business planning. Business owners do not want to invest in material, equipment or hiring if they fear a communist government tactic might disrupt their operations.

Parents are escaping the public school nightmares of forcing kids to wear masks and trying to inject Jekyll and Hyde like solutions into their children's arms under the guise of a fake public health crisis.

With the rise of myocarditis (swelling of the heart) due to these jabs, who in the hell would put their HEALTHY kid at risk or jeopardize their child's life by following these government public health officials advice?

Parents are also moving their children out of these public schools into sensible charter and private schools which teach children how to master reading, writing, mathematics and science.

Although the mainstream media, communist politicians and the tiny group, black lives matters have been pushing a "defund the police" movement, black Americans want the opposite according to a article. Communist politicians are feeling a backlash from residents living in New York City, Oakland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami-Dade and other large cities whose residents want more police, not less in their communities.

Because of Joe Xiden's rhetoric to limit American's Second Amendment rights, gun sales have broken all time records according to Def-Con News. With police officers in major urban areas hesitant about enforcing laws on the books, Americans of all ethnicities are taking self defense postures to protect their lives, families and businesses. I don't blame them one bit.

Finally, election integrity is on the back of people's minds in a big way. Who wants their votes not to count or be diluted by Democrat ballot cheating? Communist Democrats love to use the word "democracy" when their definition of democracy means "win elections by cheating". Democrats are pitiful individuals when they have nothing to offer the American people except pain, misery and destruction.

But "all hands on deck" does not mean Americans should just open their checkbooks to GOP candidates in critical districts without any accountability from GOP candidates.

The GOP candidate must also bring their A-game to the table.

Running for office no longer means submit the application, pay the fee and see your name on the ballot. The old days are long gone when GOP candidates can hobnob with voters at mixers without bringing a winning strategy to replace Democrats.

GOP House of Representative candidates are, literally, now the front line soldiers to Americans' Life, Liberty of Pursuit of Happiness. Candidates should not run unless they are willing to fight.

The GOP candidate's willingness to fight must felt by the voters. It's the candidate's job to communicate the winning strategy which cannot be laced with fluff, hyperbole and raw raw sound bites.

A Congresswoman who brings a sense of urgency to defeat the rise of communism in America is Majorie Taylor Greene. And you can tell Marjorie Taylor is very effective when communist Big Tech companies suspend her social media account. When did having an opinion about a subject violate the First Amendment?

In an article, Marjorie Taylor Greene voiced her concerns about a NFL assistant coach losing his job because he refused to take the jab. Why can't the mRNA solution (it's not a vaccine) advocates explain why getting the jab is the only method to protect yourself? Thousands of doctors from the US to Europe to Africa all list ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and other medicines Americans can use to protect themselves.

GOP candidates have a better likelihood to get elected if their messages resonate with voters. The GOP candidate must bring ideas that can be easily executed.

If you are a GOP Congressional candidate and need a plan for victory, please contact me at or call me at (786) 697-3800.

Rick Nappier, Founder

Real People USA

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