What Really Needs to be Done by America First Republican Party Candidates

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

It’s starts today, podcast listeners and blog article readers.

This content was developed from over 18 months of observing political campaign and actually immersing myself in some of the activities of people’s campaigns.

The follow is my qualified opinion. You can either agree or disagree with it. It’s a qualified opinion because I am a trained, experienced consultant.

Since 1992, I have been in the problem-solving business; first in the healthcare industry, then in the insurance, real estate, and general sales consulting.

Let’s get straight to the point because people begin to mentally checkout if a point is not made quickly…you know just like a movie with no action until 20 minutes after the movie starts.

The problem is GOP candidates and, GOP and Democrat voters are not clear about what they should be doing right now in preparation for the 2022 election.

Here is the call to action: if you are dissatisfied with your current GOP or Democrat member of Congress or dissatisfied with your GOP or Democrat candidate for state, congressional or governor positions, go to the Real People USA website and Real People USA will contact your GOP Congress member or GOP candidate.

There needs to be an outcry across the United States about the lack of performance by GOP and Democrat congressional members and candidates running for office.

To save time when I mention GOP member of Congress or GOP candidate running for office, please include the Democrat member of Congress and Democrat candidate running for office IF you are an unhappy Democrat voter. And there should be a growing number of unhappy Democrat voters.

And here is the background for the solution and I’m going to reverse engineer how the solution was discovered: GOP candidates and GOP voters need to solve local problems now instead of waiting until the November 2022 election.

After several months of calling GOP voters, getting verbal and written feedback from GOP voters and feeling GOP voter major lack of interest in GOP candidates, I conclude that GOP voters see very little benefit in being totally excited about the November 2022 election.

Yes, GOP voters will vote in the upcoming election, but they are not excited right now or they do not see something significant in national policy for their votes. What if many of the GOP candidates lose and the existing destructive policies continue?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being a Negative Nate. If the GOP can mitigate the cheating issue (and Real People USA has a solution that makes it harder for Democrats to cheat…even with mail-in ballots), the GOP does have a good chance of flipping the House and/or the Senate.

GOP voters (and again, I adding former Democrat voters in big cities who are siding with Trump-like, America First GOP candidates) are being hammered right now by mostly local issues. And voters across all political spectrums do not see, with a few exceptions, any GOP member of Congress or GOP candidates out front fighting for them. It’s the local issues where GOP voters can make major differences especially with support for current GOP members of congress and GOP candidates running for office.

And the timing is perfect for the GOP.

There are so many disappointed Democrats who thought their party loyalty would deliver life-long benefits. The Democrat Party has turned their backs on black people, Hispanic people, the LGBTQ community, police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, hip-hop artists, musicians, club DJs, dancers, small business owners, the travel industry, casinos, etc.

Democrat politicians have no allies except big corporations, the pharmaceutical industry, big tech, Amazon, Bill Gates, Tony Fauci, unelected organizations like the CDC, NIH, FDA, and world leaders looking to destroy the American way of life.

Here are the local issues impacting local communities.

  1. Vaccine mandates at the local level are pushing people out of jobs they have had for 5, 15, 25 years or more.

  2. Americans are being discriminated against by having to show proof of vaccination.

  3. Children are being forced to learn anti-American philosophies in K-12.

  4. Children are being used as guinea pigs by taking experimental drugs.

  5. Rising inflation which is causing prices for food, merchandise, and fuel to skyrocket.

  6. These are decisions made at the local levels.

These are decisions that can be halted or modified at local levels. Republicans and Democrats are very unhappy right now.

Now, it’s time to go on a rant.

  1. Where are the sitting GOP members of Congress? These GOP Senate and House members should be at the school board, city council, county supervisor meetings alongside the state legislatures. What should voters think when state legislatures and sitting members of Congress are watching their district voters’ lives fall apart?

  2. Where are the candidates for GOP state legislature and Congress on these current issues? Why aren’t they showing their worth while they are running for office…BEFORE they enter political office?

  3. For GOP voters…wouldn’t you have more confidence in the GOP candidate if he or she were present at the school board, city council and county supervisor meetings?

  4. For GOP candidates…wouldn’t it be great to build your resume running for office by showing up at these meetings along with your community members…the ones you are asking for their votes and their donations?

  5. Why is it that GOP congressional members and GOP candidates only feel its valuable to express your feelings on one of the above topics on Fox News, One America News, social media or on local or national radio shows? The majority of people dealing with the current issues are not on social media nor are watching/listening to 10-minute segments on cable or radio shows.

  6. How do you think GOP voters or even Democrats who have switched to the GOP feel when they are doing the work by themselves to get changes at a school district or with the city council? I will tell you what I am hearing. The voters feel that the GOP members of Congress and the GOP candidates are not as important as they thought…if the local residents can get the job done.

Let’s move on the topic of donations and fundraising.

GOP voters have told me that they would like to donate…but what is the GOP candidate’s plan to win? That’s a damn good question to ask.

I mentioned this on a recent podcast episode. People voting today are not choosing between a Democrat or a Republican. They are choosing between Freedom and Fascism…or borderline Communism.

Unlike 10 or 20 years ago, today, if the GOP guy or gal does not get elected, Americans’ lives will become miserable. Look back 20 years ago. If the Democrat won, Americans’ lives did not change too much. Maybe your taxes went up. But now when the Democrat wins, you lose your job. You get sick or die from a vaccine. Your kids learn in school that there are 14 genders. Your son starts believing he is a girl or vice versa. White kids are taught they should be ashamed of being born white.

If the same question… “what is the GOP candidate’s plan to win” is cross-pollinated into the purchase of a product or service, the consumer will ask a similar question: why should I buy this product or service? The unprepared, self-centered salesperson will say: “because I want to sell this product or service to you”.

But the GOP candidate will probably say: “My campaign platform is that or that…my platform is on website and serves as my resume highlighting why you should donate to my campaign”.

But the GOP voter is saying: “If I donate $5, $50 or $100, what am I getting for my donation?”

Many GOP candidates can’t answer this question to the satisfaction of GOP donors. So GOP donors are reluctant to donate. But they will vote for the GOP candidate. Or maybe, they will go camping and forget to drop off their ballots. Oh well!

Who should be the GOP candidate who makes it out of the primary and into the general election?

Is it the GOP candidate who has the most donations with a couple of millions of dollars in the campaign account? Or will it be the candidate with a verified, 50% of total voters in the district or the state supporting the candidate?

Again, what if the GOP candidate can increase the likelihood of winning by doing some work before the election by letting 50% of the voters in the district or the state see the GOP candidate hard at work instead of hardly working?

One thing I know as a consultant is people determine the value of something.

Another thing I know is the best work is hard work, done early.

In the book, “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, Jeff begins laying the platform for hard work by comparing two ways to proceed when you have a goal.

  1. The first way is to do something uncomfortable early which becomes comfortable later and lasts a lifetime.

  2. The second way is to be comfortable early which becomes uncomfortable later and lasts a lifetime.

Doing uncomfortable things, early, like meeting with frustrated parents, workers, and small businesses and standing with them in December 2021…with sincerity…will pay dividends and increase the likelihood of a November 22…and will probably increase campaign donations.

Doing comfortable things early like kicking back and watching GOP and Democrat voters suffer by losing their jobs, seeing school boards and city council members trash your freedoms, force vaccinating children with dangerous drugs and exposing children to critical race theory…will become very uncomfortable for the GOP candidate when GOP voters refuse to donate and are not excited about your campaign.

I speak to you from real world experience. Every time I have failed in life, it’s because I took the path of least resistance or doing comfortable things early to experience discomfort afterwards. About 6 years ago, I didn’t work as hard as I should have and lost a lot of time and money.

I chose the comfortable path and got a lengthy uncomfortable period of time for doing so. I should have chosen the uncomfortable path first (the plan I’m executing now) to enjoy a lengthy period of comfort.

In closing, the GOP voters and GOP candidates must work together.

GOP candidates should not expect meetings in nice hotels, wearing fancy clothes, eating $40 dinners, creating wealth with donor money and flying from city to city is the checklist to run for office and win.

GOP voters should not let their current GOP congressional members off the hook. If they are not doing the job during this excruciating painful times in America, call them today and let them know their you want to see them in the public or their GOP members of Congress services will not be needed in the next election. GOP voters should expect current GOP candidates to work for their vote…not luxuriate off donor money.

If you live in a district and you have not seen your current member of Congress (Republican or Democrat), please enter your contact information on our website.

If you want your GOP candidate to meet with you at the school board, city council or county supervisor meeting and he or she has not shown any interest in working with community members, please enter your contact information on our website.

The fact is there are probably 30,000 to 50,000 community members to every one city council member, school board member and county supervisor. For every GOP member of Congress, especially in large urban areas, there are probably 700,000 to 800,000 registered voters per district.

The community has the great advantage to make these local public officials do their jobs.

The community has the numbers. Let use our strengths instead of looking at these problems like we are lone rangers.

The overall point is to give GOP voters and disenfranchised Democrats something to be happy about. Let’s give Americans that peace of mind by letting them see the GOP putting in real effort to put things back where they were before the Nov 3, 2020 election.

The good news is Donald Trump has inspired millions of Americans to become more active in their communities.

Thanks for reading the article and listening to the podcast episode.

God Bless and Let’s Make America Great Again.

Rick Nappier, CEO

Real People USA LLC

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