Where is the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce When Landlords Need Them The Most?

A disturbing article published by the California Globe reports the "LA City Council Votes 11-1 To Keep Eviction Moratorium in Place". Where is the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce on this critical issue?

Where are the local and state politicians to voice their eviction moratorium disapprovals?

Landlords are business owners, too.

While the rest of the country has advanced further along with covid restrictions, the city and county of Los Angeles leads the pack in maintaining draconian restrictions impacting millions of Angelenos.

From the California Globe article, these harsh restrictions hurt landlords with 1-2 properties.

Landlords, particularly smaller landlords with only one or two properties, have been hit hard the most, with the moratorium causing not only their finances to be be depleted, but also helping to contribute to the affordable housing crisis.

Here's another comment from a related California Globe article.

Renters not paying due to the moratorium in LA
“Me and my husband own a block of apartments in Los Angeles,” said Susan Chang, a Los Angeles landlord. “Out of the 12 units, currently 5 are not paying any rent. Our income has literally been halved.
This was supposed to be our retirement. We never got much in pensions or 401ks, but by chance we managed to buy an apartment complex with our savings. One of our friends is a handyman and another owns a gardening service, so all together we had a good system.

But, my question is: what is the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce doing to oppose this eviction moratorium? The chamber of commerce is supposed to serve as a business advocate. The LA Chamber of Commerce website homepage even states this. But how and when is the LA Chamber of Commerce helping landlords fight California tyranny against the rental industry?

If California city councils can vote to prevent business owners from collecting rent, what other industries are potentially at risk for wanting payment for products and services rendered?

Will private practice dentists be forced to offer dental services or lose their ability to practice in California?

Will blue-collar small business owners like plumbers, AC and heating companies and roofers be forced to charge less for their services?

Small business owners...yes, every small business owner...are the backbone of the American economy.

In California, Uber and Lyft drivers were forced, by socialist California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) legislation, to drive as employees, losing their independent contractor.

Recently, under the same AB-5 legislation, truck drivers must convert from independent contractor to employee status.

Is it the California and national, progressive end game to eliminate Americans' opportunity to own small businesses?

We need a New California!

Californians can start taking action to push back on these socialist, communist actions. Please subscribe to Real People USA.

Rick, CEO

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