Which White People Should Blacks Listen To: Whites Wanting To Enslave Us Or Whites Giving Us Jobs?

White progressives must believe black people are stupid. Perhaps, some blacks have not clearly thought through this woke campaign Democrats have unleashed on black communities around the U.S.

If black people even loosely examined critical race theory, promoted by the National Education Association, as reported by The Post Millennial, black people would see critical race theory as a major step in wrong direction.

And why would the NEA support black children being inflicted with psychologically damaging curricula created by communists, repeatedly telling black children they have less value than white people?

China must have a big bank account for it to be able pay American educational leaders to cripple the minds of young children.

Oh? Were you thinking critical race theory's intent was to change the minds of white people to accept the damage white privilege has done to black people?

Seriously, do readers really believe critical race theory is directed towards white people?

Critical race theory is really a Trojan Horse to lower black people's self-worth and self-esteem.

I will add more to this article and connected podcast episode in the coming days. I just had to get these thoughts in the blog while fresh on my mind.

Rick, Founder

Real People USA

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