Candidates RPUSA Supports

Real People USA endorses GOP candidates who support President Donald Trump and pledge to serve only TWO terms in state and and local government, Congress or as Governor, and take a stand against the push towards socialism in the United States of America.


Heather Vernillo, Running for Pinellas County Commission, District 4

Rubin Young, FL Republican Running for Congress District 25

Real People USA helps RPUSA candidates by helping them master a Five-Point Platform to win elections and "not lose".

Real People USA does the following to support GOP Congressional candidates:

  1. Perform telephone surveys to get local voter feedback on the issues.

  2. Coach candidates to master the Five-Point messaging platform.

  3. Coach candidates on delivering strategic public speeches.

  4. Schedule local and online fundraising events.

  5. Produce weekly podcast interviews and political content.

  6. Strategize to build pledged-voter databases.

  7. Create warm and engaging websites.